Fire Emblem Fates Walkthrough

Chapter 7: A Vow Upheld

After helping the Hoshidans defeat the Nohr, you need to defend Fort Jinya from a Nohr attack.


Prepare Before the Battle

Before starting the battle, choose View Map. You can change the position of your units here, as well as remove units and choose different ones. Be sure to put Kaze near the chest on the right. He has the Locktouch skill, so he can open locked chests and doors.

Rout the Enemy

The objective of the battle is to Rout the Enemy.

Send Kaze to the right to open that chest, which contains a Seraph Tunic.

Send Corrin to the Dragon Vein on the left to activate some Healtiles.

Push southward, attempting to get rid of the army that is around the second Dragon Vein. Try to get Kaze to open the chest in that area before the enemy Outlaws can steal it. It contains Armorslayer. If an Outlaw steals it, just kill that Outlaw to get it back.

Rinkah works well against the boss unit (Silas), so have someone pair up with her and send her to fight Silas.

After the Chapter

From now on, you will go back to your castle after each chapter, and you can select the next chapter when you're ready.

The next chapter is Chapter 8: Fierce Winds.