Fire Emblem Fates Walkthrough

Chapter 20: Winds of Change

After escaping the Kitsune Lair, you must get permission from the Wind Tribe to pass by proving yourself worthy of the Yato.


The objective is to defeat Fuga and seize the tile that he is standing on.

In this battle, on every turn, there will be up to four winds blowing north and/or south across the map. The direction of the wind is random each time. If your units are standing in the wind at the end of the enemy phase, those units will be moved five tiles in the direction of the wind, or to the nearest available tile.

However, there are Dragon Veins throughout the map, and if you use one, the winds will push the enemies instead, except for a few like Hayato and Fuga.

Be sure to check which way the winds are blowing before you start moving your units. You will have to decide whether it would be beneficial to let the winds move your own units, or if it would be better to make the winds move the enemy units instead.

There are some Falcon Knights and a Kinshi Knight in this map that can fly freely throughout the area, and they will start coming toward you whether you are in their attack range or not.

There are three chests in the map. The southwest chest contains a Rescue staff, the southeast chest contains a Dragonstone+, and the northwest chest contains 10000 G. However, only one of the enemies will drop a Chest Key, so you will need to bring a unit that knows Locktouch if you want everything from the chests.

After several turns, reinforcements will come out of stairs in the southwest and the east of the map, including more Falcon Knights.

Hayato doesn't move from his position, even if you use a Dragon Vein to activate the wind. Hayato is a mage, so send someone with high Resistance to attack him. As with all enemies in this map, fighting him is optional, but it is recommended to get more EXP.

Beware of a tile in the north part of the map near Fuga. There is a short pillar along the north edge of the map that is considered a "safe" tile for the wind to push one of your units onto. If any of your non-flying units is standing south of that small pillar when the wind blows, your unit will get stuck there until the next time the wind blows.