Fire Emblem Fates Walkthrough

Chapter 11: Mutual Enemies

After receiving a prophecy from Izana, you are waylaid by Mokushujin ninjas and their ambitious leader Kotaro.

Rout the Enemy

This map will look familiar if you have played Birthright. However, the spike traps (and yes, there are spike traps) will work differently this time.

Be sure to have Corrin talk to Saizo as soon as possible. After you talk to him, he and Orochi and Reina will join you. Reina can wield yumi and naginata, but she only starts with a naginata. You might want to fly her over to Corrin so that Reina can access the Convoy and equip some bows.

There are hidden spikes in many places in the ground, and if you move your units onto certain tiles, the spikes will appear. If your units are standing on these spike tiles at the end of the player phase, they will lose some HP.

Whenever these spike traps are triggered, a Dragon Vein will also appear alongside them, allowing your royal units to disarm the trap, removing the spikes. HOWEVER, the spikes will reappear again if you trigger them. You can still remove them with Dragon Veins, but it is kind of a hassle.

To end the battle, you will have to defeat all of the units in the map, not just the boss.

There is a chest in the northeast corner of the map that your ninjas can open. The chest is behind a locked door that your ninjas can also open, or you can pair a ninja up with Subaki or Reina and fly them into the enclosed room to reach the chest.