Fire Emblem Fates Walkthrough

Chapter 15: Wolfskin Peak

After finding all routes to Nohr blocked, you attempt to go through Wolfskin Peak, but must battle your way out.


Preparations Before the Battle

An important event will happen after this battle. You can change the course of events, but you will have to do so in your castle before starting this battle. If you don't mind spoilers, .

Flying units will help a lot in this battle because they will not be hampered by the terrain. However, the boss unit is strong against flying and mounted units, so keep that in mind.

Rout the Enemy

Your objective is to defeat all of the enemies. Many of the enemies here will drop items upon defeat.

There are several Dragon Veins in the map that will lower the stats of enemies units throughout the map for several turns.

All the enemies here are melee fighters that can't do ranged attacks, so you will not take damage if you attack at range.

Keaton is the boss unit, and he has the Beastbane skill, which makes him dangerous to your flying or mounted units.

After a while, reinforcements will come out of the forts.