What Happens if I Get Killed in EVE Online?

If you get podkilled, your character's original body dies, but your character's mind is transferred to your clone, and you resume the game with the cloned body.

Will I Lose Skills or Attributes if I Get Killed?

You will not lose skills if your character gets killed. Your clone will have the same attributes that you had when killed, but any implants that your character had will be destroyed if your character is podkilled.

How do I get a clone?

You automatically have a clone, which is installed in the station you start in.

You can move your clone to a different station if you wish. To do so, click your character portrait and choose "Select Home Station". Your home station is where you will respawn if your character gets killed.

What about Alpha and Omega Clones?

A player who is playing for free has an Alpha clone. Players can pay to upgrade to Omega on a monthly basis, with discounts for longer subscription times. Omega has various benefits, such as faster, unlimited skill training.

What happens in the game world when a character gets killed?

Your character can only be killed via podkilling, i.e. when a hostile player destroys your pod in space. The pod, also known as the capsule, is a metallic egg developed by the Jovians that is filled with goo and can warp and use jump gates. If the pod is breached, a device in the pod takes a "snapshot" of your character's mind while another device injects your character with a poison that kills the character instantly. Your character's corpse is then left floating in the vacuum of space, where it freezes. Your character's mind is transferred into your clone, which awakens in your Home Station.