The Opportunities window displays your current missions, offered missions, and other opportunities.

Opportunities Overview

The Opportunities window is separated into several sections, such as Homefront Operations, Browse By Career, Combat Anomalies, projects by your player corporation (if you are in one), and Agent Missions.

The "Active" Tab

Click the Active tab in the top of the Opportunities window to see your currently active missions and other active opportunities.

Homefront Operations

Homefront Operations are meant to be completed as a group with other players. Click on a Homefront Operation to see the recommended size and composition of the fleet.

Browse By Career

Click on Browse By Career to see the list of opportunities that are especially suited to a given career. The list will include Homefront Operations, Combat Anomalies, Missions, and so on.

Combat Anomalies

Combat Anomalies give you the locations of NPC combat sites in the area. If you go to a Combat Anomaly, you will have to defeat several waves of NPC enemies. The lower the security rating of the system that the anomaly is in, the higher the difficulty of the combat.