EVE Online Guide


The Mosaic update, released April 28, 2015, removes the basic tutorial and replaces it with the Opportunities system, which is available to all players.


Using the Opportunities System

When first log in after updating to Mosaic, Aura will prompt you to tour opportunities. If you are not interested, click the gear in the bottom-right corner of Aura's window and you can choose to suppress the prompts.

The menu bar has an icon with three linked hexagons. This is the Opportunities icon. Click it to open the Opportunities Map.

Opportunities Map

The opportunities map shows all the available opportunities. Hover over one to get more details.

To activate an opportunity, click on the pentagonal icon to the left of the opportunity name in the Opportunity Map. The opportunity will then appear as active in the Info Panel.

Completing an Opportunity

Each opportunity consists of a checklist. After performing each step, it will automatically be checked off.

Hiding Opportunities

If you are not interested in opportunities, open the Opportunity Map and click the gear in the top right corner. You can then click "Do Not Show in Info Panel" to stop Opportunities from always appearing onscreen.