Character Attributes

Your character has five different attributes: Perception, Intelligence, Memory, Charisma, and Willpower. These attributes affect various things in the game.

What do attributes affect?

Your attributes affect how quickly you learn skills. The different skill groups in the game are suited to specific attribute strengths. See below for a list.

Skill Group Associated Attributes
Corporation ManagementMemory/Charisma
Electronics Memory/Intelligence
Engineering Memory/Intelligence
Gunnery Perception/Willpower
Industry Memory/Intelligence
Leadership Willpower/Charisma
Learning Charisma,Memory,Intelligence,Perception,Willpower
Mechanic Memory/Intelligence
Missiles Perception/Willpower
Navigation Intelligence/Perception
Science Willpower,Charisma,Intelligence,Memory
Spaceship Command Perception/Willpower
Trade Willpower/Charisma

Changing your attributes

You are permitted to completely change your character's attributes once per year. In addition, you can use implants to increase your character's attributes. Furthermore, the skills in the Learning category will boost your attributes. The Learning skill itself increases all of your attributes by 2% per level, for a 10% increase by the time it is trained to level 5. The other learning skills collectively increase each of your attributes by two points.

Give your character the right strengths

When creating a character, consider which skills you want the character to be proficient in. A character who needs to be good at combat might want to have high Perception, Willpower, and Intelligence. A character who needs to lead a corporation should have high Charisma, Memory, and Willpower. These are just examples. Use your best judgement when distributing your character's attributes.