Bounty Hunting

The old bounty hunting system was removed. Please see CONCORD introduces the Dynamic Bounty System for more information.

Bounty hunting was revamped in EVE: Retribution, released 4 December 2012. Here are the basics of the new system.

Find a Bounty

The first step to bounty hunting is to find someone who has a bounty on his or her head. There are several places to check:

  • Bounty Office - Some stations have bounty offices. Click the bounty office icon in a station that has one. You'll see a list of people with bounties on them.
  • Captain's Quarters - The monitor in your quarters will occasionally show bounties on them. Click the monitor when you see a bounty. This will show you more information.
  • Billboards - You find billboards floating in space near gates. When it shows a bounty, click it for more information.

Place a Bounty

If you want to place a bounty rather than find one, open the information window for a player, corporation, or alliance and open the Place Bounty tab. Bounties can be placed from anywhere, not just from bounty offices. Additionally, bounties can be placed on anyone. If a player has been unsubscribed for a long time, the bounty is cancelled and some of the ISK is returned to those who contributed.

There is a minimum bounty for each type:

  • Players - Minimum 100,000 ISK
  • Corporations - Minimum 20,000,000 ISK
  • Alliances - Minimum 100,000,000 ISK

Track your Bounties

You can track bounties that you have placed on other players, and you will be notified if a player that you placed a bounty on is killed.


The bounty lists that are on display in bounty offices now have separate Top 10 Most Wanted lists, one for Top 10 Most Wanted Characters, one for Top 10 Most Wanted Corporations, and one for Top 10 Most Wanted Alliances.

Be warned that just because a player has a bounty on him or her, that doesn't make it legal to attack that player when it would otherwise be illegal.

Also be warned that anyone with a bounty on his or her head may be a highly skilled pilot. Don't attempt bounty hunting without sufficient skills and firepower.

Getting Paid

When you kill a wanted player, you only get a small percentage of the ISK in the bounty pool. The payout is based on a percentage (reportedly 20%) of the total ISK loss inflicted on the killed player. This way, a wanted player with a large bounty can be killed many times before the bounty pool is depleted.

You will get paid for BOTH ship kills AND pod kills.

Fleets who kill a wanted player will receive equal shares of the bounty.

Claiming a bounty is based on Final Blow.


Killing wanted players will increase your rank as a bounty hunter. As you go up in rank, you will show up on Bounty Hunter rank lists. This may be good for your ego, but you may also become a target for revenge...