Ship SKIN Customization

The new ship SKIN customization system was introduced in the Mosaic expansion on April 28, 2015. It allows you to customize the appearance of your ship.

How to Obtain SKINs

SKINs can be purchased with Aurum via the New Eden Shop, or in the Fitting interface, or in the 3D ship preview.

Temporary SKINs can also be found as item drops from destroyed ships and objects.

Players can also buy and sell SKINs on the Market for ISK.

How to Find SKINs for a Particular Ship

You can go to the Fitting or 3D Preview screen for a ship that you own and you will see a list of available skins for that ship.

Additionally, you can browse the Market by ship to find SKINs for specific ships.

How to Use SKINs

Initially, SKINs are items that can be kept in your cargohold or in stations. To use the SKIN, you must activate it.

After the SKIN is activated, it cannot be removed from the ship to which it is applied. However, you will keep the SKIN even if that ship is destroyed.

Changing SKINs

You can change SKINs on a ship at any time using the Fitting window, unless your chip is in Triage, Siege, Bastion, has activated a Cynosural Field, has locked a target, or is cloaked.

By default, there is a visual effect that accompanies the SKIN change, but you can disable the effect in settings.

Managing SKINs

The Character Sheet now has a Skins tab where you can view a list of all available SKINs as well as all SKINs that you currently own. In this view, you can see the remaining time on any temporary SKINs that you own.