EVE Online Guide

Soloing Survival Guide

Going solo? Find out how to survive with this guide. This guide explains ways to avoid getting killed in EVE Online if you're on your own. For more information, read about what happens when you get killed in EVE Online.


Don't Be an Easy Target

When flying solo, you could be an easy target for hostile players. If you are flying through a particularly dangerous system, you could encounter hostile gangs that destroy your ship within moments and kill your pod before you can warp away. How do you protect yourself? Read on for some advice.

Watch your back

Keep an eye on the overview of what objects are nearby. If another player warps into your area and you can't be sure of that player's intentions, you may wish to warp away or prepare to defend yourself.

Gear Up

Depending on what you're doing when flying solo, you may be able to increase your odd of surviving a hostile player's attack by fitting your ship with appropriate countermeasures such as shield boosters, better weapons, and so on.

Be Prepared to Escape

Depending on whom you're up against, you may be outgunned no matter how well you equip your ship. In this case, you need to understand how to get away quickly.

Warping away is usually an excellent way to escape an enemy, but be aware that warping takes time. Your ship must first rotate itself to be aligned with whatever it is that you want to warp to. If you are expecting hostile encounters, you may wish to align yourself with a warp target before any enemies appear, allowing you to engage your warp drive as soon as possible.

To improve your ability to do that, there are skills that you can train to increase the speed at which you can align any ship. There are also certain ship-specific skills that further improve your ability to align that type of ship. In addition, there are other skills in the Navigation category that help you engage warp more quickly and require less energy from your ship to engage warp.

However, enemy ships may use methods to slow you down or disable your warp drive. For example, enemies could use a stasis webifier to reduce your speed. They could use warp scramblers to prevent you from engaging warp. Here are some ways of dealing with such threats.

You can improve your ability to move at sub-warp speed. To go more quickly, you can use afterburners or microwarpdrives, for example. You can also use rigs to increase your speed and maneuvering. By moving more quickly than the enemy, you may be able to get out of range of their weapons.

To deal with the possibility of getting warp scrambled, you can use warp core stabilizers to reduce an enemy's chance of scrambling you, but be aware that warp core stabilizers slow down your ability to lock onto targets, reducing your ability to do combat.

You can use a remote sensor dampener to make it take a longer time for enemies to get a lock on you. However, you need to be able to target the enemy for this to work, and the enemy might be doing some countermeasures to prevent you from locking on.

You can use a stasis webifier to slow down the enemy, making it easier for you to stay out of range of the enemy's weapons.

Using an Energy Neutralizer on your enemy can reduce his or her ability to use modules against you. Similarly, targeting jammers can prevent your enemy from locking onto you.

Have a Clone Ready

If the worst happens and you are podkilled, you automatically have a clone that will take your place if you die. When you first create a character, a clone is automatically installed for you in the station where you begin the game. If you visit a station with medical facilities, you can pay 100,000 ISK if you want to move your clone to that station.


These are just some of the many ways to stay safe while flying solo. Each method has benefits and drawbacks, so it is ultimately up to you to choose the best strategies for your needs. Good luck!