Soloing Survival Guide

Survival tips for flying solo through the dangerous spaces of EVE Online.

Use a Frigate

If you simply want to explore, a Frigate is a good, affordable choice for traveling quickly and escaping dangerous situations. You can obtain Frigates through Explorer Career Agent missions, AIR Career Program rewards, and the Market.

About Align Time

To escape the aforementioned dangerous situations, your ship needs time to align to a point in space before it can enter warp. You can open the Fitting window to see how long it takes your ship to align. The ideal align time for a quick escape is 2 seconds or shorter, because that is the time that it takes for a hostile player to lock onto your ship and prevent it from moving (e.g. with a Warp Disruptor or similar).

Use the "WarpTo" Tab in the Overview

As of November 2022, the default Overview (which lists targetable objects in space) has a "WarpTo" tab. It lists objects that you can warp to in the current system. If you find yourself in trouble, click this tab, select a planet or other object at random, then start clicking the "Warp to 0m" button. Make sure not to click the button too quickly, or you could cause the server to delay processing the command. Even if your ship is destroyed, you should be able to avoid getting podkilled (i.e. having your capsule destroyed) if you repeatedly try to warp away.

Once you have warped away to a planet or other object, try to warp to a station and dock there, or if there aren't any stations in the current system, warp to stargates and jump to other systems until you find a station to dock in.

Know Where Your Clone Is

In the event that your capsule is destroyed, you will wake up in a new clone body in your Home Station. Click on your character portrait in the main menu to see what your current Home Station is. You can change your Home Station at any time.