Security Status

EVE security status is an indication of whether you are a lawful player or you break the laws. CONCORD gives you your security status based on the actions that you take. If your security status is 0, that means that CONCORD does not have enough information about whether you perform good deeds or not. If your security status is negative, then that means that you have committed crimes like stealing from cargo containers that don't belong to you, or blowing up ships that you didn't have kill rights on. If your security status is positive, it means that you have done good deeds like killing pirates.

CONCORD considers pilots with low security standing to be criminals. The lower your security status, the more dangerous you are considered to be. Because of this, security status has implications on where you can travel, and how CONCORD treats you. Learn more about this important attribute from this guide.

How to Increase Your Security Status

Killing NPC pirates is currently the only way to increase your security status. You do not get a security status increase for every ship you kill; rather, the increase is based on the most dangerous pirate ship that you destroyed within the past 15 minutes.

Effects of Security Status

What your Security Status means for you

Other players are permitted to attack players with -5.0 or worse security without getting in trouble with CONCORD.

Travel Restrictions for Players with Low Security Status

If your security status is -2.0, you are not allowed to enter 1.0 space. If your status is -2.5, you cannot enter 0.9 space, and so on. Players with -4.5 status are only able to enter low security systems (that is, systems with 0.4 or lower security).

Here is the above information in list form:

  • Higher than -2.0 security status: no travel restrictions
  • -2.0 or worse: cannot enter 1.0 systems
  • -2.5 or worse: cannot enter 0.9 systems
  • -3.0 or worse: cannot enter 0.8 systems
  • -3.5 or worse: cannot enter 0.7 systems
  • -4.0 or worse: cannot enter 0.6 systems
  • -4.5 or worse: cannot enter 0.5 systems

What Lowers Security Status?

Examples of actions that lower your security status are:

  • Podkilling
  • Stealing cargo from a container that does not belong to you
  • Transporting illegal goods
  • Attacking a CONCORD ship
  • Unprovoked attacks on other players
  • ...and more!

You will not be penalized for an unprovoked attack if you are at war with the player's corporation, or if you have kill rights on that player. If another player makes an unprovoked attack on you, you have the right to fire back at that player and defend yourself without losing security status.