Clone Guide

This article teaches you about clones in EVE Online, with instructions on how to move your clone and how to install jump clones in stations.

How to get a clone

You automatically have a clone when you start the game. Your clone will be located in the academy space station in the system where you began the game.

How to Move Your Clone

You can move your clone to your current location if you are docked in a station that has a Clone Bay by right-clicking the station and choosing "Set Home Station".

You can always remotely move your clone to the station where you began the game.

If your character is less than 30 days old, then whenever you switch corporations, you can remotely move your clone to any station where your corporation has an office.

Otherwise, once every 365 days, you can remotely move your clone to any station where your corporation has an office.

What are jump clones, and how do I use them?

A jump clone is a special type of clone that you can switch into without getting killed. You can jump into a jump clone via your character sheet. You can switch into a different jump clone once every 24 hours (or shorter if you train the Infomorph Synchronizing skill).

Before you can use jump clones, you need to have at least level 1 in the Infomorph Psychology skill. Once you train Infomorph Psychology to level 5, you can train Advanced Infomorph Psychology to increase your jump clone limit even further.

Once you have at least level 1 in Infomorph Psychology, you can go to any NPC station with a Clone Bay and purchase a jump clone for 900,000 ISK.

You can also install jump clones in capital ships that have clone bays, in player-owned outposts in nullsec space, or in Citadels that have a cloning center. The fees will depend on the owners of the ships/outposts.

What happens if I get podkilled?

When your ship is destroyed in EVE online, you are left floating in a small metal pod that has a very small number of hitpoints and is therefore very vulnerable to attack. If your pod is destroyed, you die and are resurrected in your clone, wherever your clone happens to be.

You will lose any implants your character has if you are killed. They are destroyed along with your character's old body.

What happens to my ship when it's destroyed?

Your ship will appear in the overview as a wreck. It is possible to bookmark your wreck so that you can find your wreck later and loot and salvage from it, but this can be dangerous if enemies are firing on your pod. Regardless, the wreckage might contain modules that were fitted to your ship that remained intact, but some of your modules might be destroyed. To salvage from the wreck, have a Salvager fitted to the ship that you take to your wreck. Look in your character sheet at the Combat Log and view the Losses tab to see what was destroyed, and who was responsible for dealing the killing blow to your ship.

Podkilling is never legal, even if you have kill rights on someone (which just means that you're allowed to destroy that person's ship -- not the actual person -- without fear of punishment from CONCORD). This means that NPCs will never podkill you on purpose (although they might accidentally).

What happens in the game world when a character gets killed?

In the world of EVE Online, if your character dies, he or she dies in a pod. A pod is a metallic egg developed by the Jovians that can warp and use jump gates. If the pod is breached, your character has no hope of survival, so a device in the pod takes a "snapshot" of your character's mind while another device injects your character with a poison that kills the character instantly. Then your character's mind is transferred to a clone and can keep on living.

Clones are typically created from cadavers that have similar physical characteristics to your original body. Their DNA is replaced with your DNA, and their bodies are cosmetically altered to look like you.