Corporation Standing

Want to gain corp standing in EVE Online? Having a high standing with an NPC corporation in EVE Online can lower prices of refining and selling, and give you access to good agents who will pay you more. Read this article to learn how to quickly increase your standing with an NPC corporation.

Skills to train to increase corp standing

Train Social, Connections, and Negotiation to improve your standing with agents and improve the standing increases you get from agents. Training these skills to level five as soon as possible is essential for quickly increasing your standing with a corporation.

Quickly increase standing by working for the best agent

Assuming you have chosen a corporation that you want to work for, look for the agent of that corporation who will give you the highest standing increases per mission. If you need tips on finding an agent, read the agent guide.

Standing increases per mission are affected by an agent's level, as well as the size of the corporation you are working for, your current standing with the corporation, the difficulty of the mission, and the level you have trained your Social skill to. Be sure to train Social to level five as soon as you can. There is a more detailed explanation of how standing increases are calculated below.

Quickly increase standing by doing encounter missions for the corporation

Encounter missions are more difficult than courier or mining missions, so if you are going for quick standing increases, encounter missions are the ones you should try to do. Some agent types give more encounter missions than they give of other types, so you should seek those out. In particular, Command agents, Intelligence, Internal Security, Security, and Surveillance give mostly encounter missions.

Your ability to do difficult missions is going to be limited by the type of ship you can afford to buy and have the skills to pilot. In general, a frigate should be sufficient for missions from level 1 agents, but for level 2 you should use a destroyer or cruiser, a battlecruiser for level 3, and a battleship or Tech II ship for level 4.

If you're serious about getting high standing with NPC corporations, train up as soon as possible for piloting a battleship or Tech II ship.

Do 16 missions for the corporation, then complete the important mission for a big standing increase

After doing 16 missions for a corporation, you will be offered an Important Mission, via EVEmail, that will give you a big increase in standing for that corporation, and a standing increase for the faction of that corporation, if you complete it.

Be warned, however, that every time you turn down a mission for an agent of a corporation, you reduce the important mission counter by one. In other words, if you have completed 11 missions for a corporation, but turn down the next one that the corporation offers, the game considers you to only have done 10 missions for that corporation.

There is no way to reset this important mission counter except by completing a storyline mission.

It's important, therefore, to turn down as few missions for a corporation as possible. To avoid having to turn down missions, be sure to have the appropriate ship type that you'll need for the level of missions you're attempting (see above), and be sure you'll have enough time to devote to any mission you might be offered.

Move on to a new agent if a better one becomes available

To ensure that you're getting the biggest standing increases that you can possibly get from each mission you complete for a corporation, keep checking the agent list in that corporation's information window to see if you have better agents available. Travel to that agent and start doing missions for him or her, but move on again if a better agent becomes available.

The formulas for standing increases

Here is how the standing increases are calculated:

Agent standing increase = ((10 - Current standing) * Percent change) + Current standing