Character Creation

This page explains how to create a new character and portrait in EVE Online.

Body Sculpting

When you load up the character creator, you will see a character with a randomly-generated appearance based on your character's race, bloodline, and gender.

When you mouse over the different parts of the character's body, you will see glowing lines over the part of the body that you are hovering over. When you see these lines, it means that you can click there and move the mouse around to adjust the shape of that part of the body.

For example, clicking on the stomach and dragging the mouse around will let you give your character washboard abs, a huge fat gut, or anything in between.

Other options

The options at the top right of the screen let you customize your character further, with hair style, aging, scarring, pupil dilation, eyebrow shape, clothes, glasses, facial hair (males only), makeup and more.

Taking the character portrait

Once you are done shaping your character and choosing clothes, you can click the Next button in the bottom right corner. This takes you to the screen where you can pose your character and choose backgrounds and lighting.

Manually posing your character

As with the body sculpting in the previous screen, you can hover over different parts of your character's face and body. In this screen, it lets you adjust which way your character is facing, adjust head tilt, and adjust your character's facial expression.

For example, pulling down on the character's chin will open his or her mouth. Pulling up on the corners of the mouth will make him or her smile. Pulling up the eyebrows will lift them. Clicking and dragging on the eyes will change which direction the eyes are looking in.

If your cursor looks like a person's head with arrows pointing in four directions, you can click and drag to change which way the character is turning his or her head. If your cursor looks like a person's head with two arrows at either side pointing down, you can click and drag to make your character tilt his or her head to the side.


The pose button lets you choose from a standard set of poses. However, you can still adjust your character after choosing a pose.

Finalizing your portrait

You can take pictures of your character to try out some poses and lighting. When you are completely satisfied with the picture, you can set it as your character portrait.