Guide for New Players

A guide to help new players learn about the many activities to do in EVE Online.

The Tutorial

When you create a character in EVE Online, you can optionally go through the in-game tutorial. If you skip the tutorial, there is no way to do it again with that character. The tutorial is highly recommended if you have never played EVE Online before. It will lead you through the basics, starting with navigating in space and using your ship's modules.

The AIR Career Program

Whether or not you do the tutorial, you can use the AIR Career Program to learn more about the many things to do in EVE Online. You can find this feature in Activities in the main menu. There are four main career paths, and you can switch between them at any time. Choose one that interests you, and you will see the various goals to accomplish for that career. The rewards (ISK, skill points, ships, blueprints, etc.) are well worth the effort.

Career Agents

Agents are NPCs (non-player characters) who can give you missions to complete, in exchange for ISK and other rewards. Career Agents are a specific type of agent who will give you a series of introductory missions that help you learn about the different career paths in EVE Online. You can perform these missions at any time, even if you are also doing other missions for other careers.

The easiest way to find Career Agents is to open the Agency, which can be found in the main menu, or by pressing Alt+M in-game. Then click Agents & Missions and scroll in the list to find Career Agents.

Learn the Terminology

EVE University is a great resource for new players, and among their many helpful guides is an EVE Lexicon that lists terms specific to EVE Online.