Starting the Game

This page explains how to start a game of Zero Time Dilemma, how to set the options, and how to use the Menu during the game.

Starting the Game

To start a new game, choose New Game from the title screen menu. There will be a cutscene.


On the title screen of the game, you can choose Options to change various settings. All options can be changed at any time during the game. The options that you select will be saved in your save file.

  • Subtitles: Select ON to show English subtitles. Select OFF to disable subtitles.
  • Skip text: The game will always let you skip text that you have already read, but set this to ON if you want to be able to skip text even if you haven't read it yet. Set it to OFF to prevent skipping text that you haven't read yet.
  • BGM, SFX, and VOICE volume: These settings allow you to adjust the volume of background music, sound effects, and voice.
  • Cursor Speed: This will change how quickly the cursor moves.
  • Spoken Language: This setting changes which language the characters will speak. You can change this setting at any time during the game.

During the game, the menu can be displayed at any time. Opening the menu will pause the game. You can use the menu to save the game at any time. The menu has the following:

  • File: Important information and documents will be saved here. On the 3DS, you can scroll by dragging the stylus on the touchscreen.
  • Flow: The flow menu has three options:
    • Fragment Flowchart shows you all of the unlocked fragments that you can play. Fragments are grouped by team. Once you select a team, you will see that team's unlocked fragments. Fragments that you have not played yet will be labelled NEW.
    • Global Flowchart shows the paths that you have taken so far. You are free to jump to any point in the flow chart at any time. In the Global Flowchart, you can switch between the Simple view, which only shows a flowchart of fragments, or the Detailed view, which shows a more detailed breakdown of each fragment.
  • Memo: You can make notes to yourself here.
  • Save: You can select this at any time to save the game. You can also use this option to return to the title screen. Just choose Save to see the list of save files, then choose Quit in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  • Log: Choose this to see all of the dialogue that has been said so far. You can replay the audio by selecting any line of dialogue.
  • Options: The options are explained above. You can choose different options in each save file.
  • Status: This shows you the status of the nine characters in the game. The status can be Alive, Dead (which means no longer breathing), or ??? (which means status unknown).