Rec Room

After you choose C-Team's Anthropic Principle fragment, you must escape the Rec Room.

Seek a Way Out

Get the fire hook that the armor is holding. Use it to open the trap door. There is a clue on the inside of the trap door. Get the wooden hammer.

Get the note from beside the chess set. Use the hammer to hit the C in the chess set. You will get a round cylinder.

Look at the numbers on the chess board. This is a clue for what to enter in the round cylinder.

The answer is Rook, Bishop, King.

After you enter the correct pieces, you get a coin and a note from the cylinder.

Check one of the armor's helmets to find a note.

Go to the roulette table. The circled numbers correspond to letters on the chart that you got from the helmet, and the note from the cylinder tells you which order those letters should go in.

The answer is SPIN.

Check the roulette wheel and enter the correct answer. You will get the wheel, and a coin.

Get the wooden box and the matches from the bar. Step back, then get the bottle of water from the shelf. Go to the fireplace and use the matches to light the fire. Then use the wooden box on the fire. Then use the bottle of water on the fire. Then use the fire hook on the ashes to get a coin.

Touch the top of the slot machine and use the roulette wheel on it. Step back and touch the slots above the glowing red buttons. Puzzle pieces come out.

Equip the puzzle pieces, then touch the heart on the slot machine to start the heart puzzle. Here is how to arrange the pieces:

After solving the puzzle, you get a coin and a card calendar.

Use the card calendar on the jukebox, then step back and get the dice on the floor in front of the jukebox.

Go to the card table and check on it until you knock the cards down. Touch the scattered cards to move them. The cards on the table match up with the months on the calendar.

For example, the first three cards on the table are Ace, 8, and 3. Ace on the calendar note is January (J), 8 is August (A), 3 is March (M). This spells JAM.

The full equation from the card table becomes

There are various items throughout the room with a word and a number. JAM is on the table, ODDS are on the slot machine, and SADMAN is behind the bar. Each word represents a number to put into the equation.

The resulting equation is 100 - 35 + 570, which equals 635. Use the dice on the card table, then touch the dice to make them 6, 3, and 5.

After solving the card table puzzle, you will get a coin.

You should have five coins now. Use them on the red machine in the corner. Then press the button.

Time to Decide

After this, you will be required to roll the dice. The flow chart for this fragment shows two branches from this decision, so you should probably go back and try again (and again and again) to see if you ever do roll all 1s.