After you choose C-Team's Monty Hall fragment, you must escape Control.

Seek a Way Out

Touch the poster to get sunglasses.

Check the security camera and use the zoom feature to see the lines on the screen. You can use the Memo feature in the Menu to make a note of the orientation of each line. Then go to the panel that has mirrors that you can rotate. Make the mirror handles match the lines that you saw in the security camera. Choose CHECK when you are done. If you did it correctly, you will get small battery parts, and a note.

Combine the battery part with the sunglasses. Examine the sunglasses and you can choose Mode A, B, or C.

Mode A shows you a wiring diagram. This looks like the control panel that has wires on it and numbers on the left and Roman numerals on the right. But Mode A does not have numbers to the left and right. Don't make the wires match the picture from Mode A. The picture from Mode A, along with the poster that had the sunglasses behind it, tells you which numbers should be connected.

Afterward, look at the security camera to see some letters, each a different color. Because of the reflection on the screen, it might be hard to see some of the letters, so be sure to read what Carlos/Akane/Junpei say when they see the letters. That way you can be sure that you know the correct ones.

Check each colorful stand on the floor and rotate it to match the colorful letters that you saw on the screen.

Red = SE
Blue = N
Green = E
Pink = SW

When done correctly, a black stand rises from the floor, and the light turns off in one of the rooms that the security camera sees. Make a note of which jars are lit up and which are dark.

Go to the device to the left of the rotating mirror puzzle and touch the lights to switch them on or off. Make them match the lights that you saw on the monitor.


This opens a locker. You will get an ear speaker and card 4.

Combine the ear speaker with the sunglasses. Examine the sunglasses and you will hear some sounds. Go to the crane display and press the buttons to find out which button causes each sound. Then step back and touch the crane display again, and press the correct buttons that correspond with the sounds that played in the sunglasses. Then press the crane lowering button. If you did it correctly, the crane presses a button.

Right, Down, Left, Down

This turns on monitors on the security camera console.

Touch the speaker on the wall to get a note. Get another card from the switchboard. These hints show you which order to put the letters in from the security console monitors.

This gives you a code:


Use this code and you will see new colorful letters. Use those on the rotating stands.

Green = N
Red = NE
Blue = W
Pink = S
Black = NW

A device rises from the floor. Plug the cable into it.


Choose any of the lockers. There is a 10% chance that you picked the correct locker. There is a 90% chance that you picked the wrong locker.

But then the announcer complicates things by opening eight of the lockers. One of the two unopened lockers is the one you chose, and the other is either the one with the mask behind it (if you were wrong) or an empty locker (if you were right).

Think about it. If you were wrong on the first try, which you probably were, then the other locker has the mask in it.

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