What to Do If You Are Stuck

This page gives advice on how to progress in the game if fragments are locked.

Unlock All Execution Outcomes

There are icons in the upper-left part of the flow chart, showing which execution outcomes you have unlocked. You should unlock all four to make sure that you can progress in the game.

The game will remember your last three votes, so changing one team's vote can change the outcome. If you don't remember what the last votes were, just make all three teams vote again. Once all three teams have voted again, the new outcome will be unlocked (assuming you had the teams vote differently from before).

Make Alternate Decisions

Use the flow chart to play decisions that have multiple branches, and make a different decision from before. Keep in mind that some decisions will randomly have a different outcome, so you might have to keep trying until something different happens. Also, if you don't know the answer to a decision, in some cases you can indicate that you don't know by pressing the Back button, which sometimes counts as a separate decision. Furthermore, in decisions where there is a timer counting down, you can let time run out to cause a different decision to occur.

Look for Exclamation Marks

Check your flow chart, as well as each team's fragments, to see if there are any new exclamation marks in the chart. If so, you can jump to them to play a part of the game that was previously locked.

Play All Unlocked Fragments

If you are still stuck after trying all of the above, you should play any fragments that you haven't started yet.

If Your Flow Chart is Greyed Out

If your flow chart is greyed out and you can only jump to specific places in it, try exiting to the Team Select screen. If this doesn't unlock the flow chart, try jumping to the last cinema segment in a branch, and watch it until you are sent back to the Team Select menu. The flow chart should no longer be greyed out afterward. If this doesn't work, be sure to play through any unfinished fragments, then try again.

When All Else Fails

If you still can't unlock anything new, try watching the last parts of completed branches again. In some cases, this can unlock new fragments.