After you choose C-Team's Suspicion fragment, you must escape the pantry.

Seek a Way Out

There is a shelf to the left of a cardboard box. Open the sliding door at the bottom of this shelf and take the bottle of iodine solution.

On the wall, there is a poster with instructions for making gelatin.

To the left of this poster, there is another shelf with sliding doors at the bottom. Open the left sliding door to get the gelatin powder.

There is a box above where you got the gelatin powder. Get the round part from inside.

Then equip the iodine solution and use it on the circles in the box. Letters will appear. Make a note of these letters.

To the left of this shelf, there is a refrigerator with glass doors. There is a button panel on the left. The code is from the potatoes, going from left to right. It is Down, Up, Down, Left, Left, Right.

After pressing the buttons in the correct sequence, the left door opens. Take the doll.

Go back, then touch the device above the handcuffed arm. You can tap each face of the dodecahedron to rotate the face. You can rotate the whole dodecahedron as well. You need to match up all the fruits and shapes. There is only one leaf on the puzzle, so match up the two halves of the leaf first. Then just match up the other fruits next to the leaf, and the rest of the puzzle is easy.

Once you solve it, you get the gelatin mold.

Now go back and touch the panel on the right of the refrigerator. The code is from the potatoes, going from right to left. It is Right, Left, Left, Down, Up, Down.

After pressing the buttons in the correct sequence, the right door opens. Get the bottle of water, and get the instructions from the middle shelf. They say that you should warm up the doll.

After you open both refrigerator doors, the message appears "LEFT hand + DOLL = ?"

Go into your inventory and select the gelatin mold, then choose Combine. Drag the water onto the mold to pour the water in. Combine the gelatin powder with the mold.

Next, go to the red machine, equip your round part, and touch the circular hole at the top of the person shape to put the round part there. Select the mold & water & powder in your inventory, and go back so you can see the whole red machine. Then touch the oven to put the mold in. Choose COOL and you will get the gelatin.

Put the gelatin into the person-shaped hole below the round part that you put into the hole. A drawer opens below. Step back, then touch the drawer to get the small key.

Equip the blue doll, tap the oven, choose WARM, and the doll will turn red with numbers on it.

Use the small key to unlock the handcuffs on the arms. You will get the right arm for your inventory, but the left arm will just rotate down. The number on it is upside-down. Make a note of it. Remember that 2 and 5 are the same whether they are upside-down or not.

The message on the refrigerator doors said to add the number from the left hand to the number from the doll, so do that. The doll says 1234 and the left hand says 625 (when read upside-down) so the total is 1859.

Go to the number panel next to the door and enter that number. There is a place for a hand print.

Select the right arm in your inventory and put it into the oven, and choose WARM. Then use the right arm on the hand panel next to the door. This will end the room escape puzzle.