Locker Room

After escaping the Transporter Room, you must escape from the Locker Room.

Seek a Way Out

Take the hair dryer from the sink below the fan on the wall.

Open the lockers to find a conversion plug and a note.

Touch the outlet to the left of the red machine to turn it on.

Combine the hair dryer with the conversion plug. Use it on the outlet below the wall fan. Then touch the hair dryer, then use it on the fan. You will see words behind the fan blades. The words are:

Violet, white, blue, red

Touch the yellow lock on the locker. Tap each color until they all become the correct colors from behind the fan blade. You get a coin and a remote control.

Use the coin on the panel at the bottom of the red machine. If the red machine is not on, touch the outlet to the left of the red machine to turn it on. Then touch the light switch in the red machine to light up the other side of the room.

Press the remote control. This will drain the water.

Take the round piece out of the drain.

Check the shower stalls to find a blue bucket and a note.

Change the lights again, and look at the drain cover to find numbers. Make a note of them. The numbers are:


Use those numbers to unlock the middle locker. Touch the device in the locker. Look for pieces that have both a cloud and a dragon's body. Line those up, then complete that dragon. Do the same for the other dragons on the puzzle.

For solving the dragon puzzle, you get a screwdriver.

Make sure that the lights are shining on the showers, then use the screwdriver on the fish tank. Use the round button on the hole that appears. Push the button, then step back and get the C-shaped part. Use it in the red machine, then touch the light switch. Both lights will stay on.

Use the screwdriver on the loose showerhead in the rightmost shower stall. Then use the bucket on the faucet below that. The bucket will fill with water.

Check the drain in the sink that is full of water. Then use the bucket on the sink that just emptied. Get the key that appears.

Use the key on the glass shower door. You get the hose. Use it on the bottom of the music box in the rightmost locker. Use the screwdriver on the loose showerhead in the rightmost shower if you haven't already. Once you do, you will automatically connect the hose to the shower with the removed showerhead. After the music plays, a drawer will open. Inside you find a note. Read it.

After you read the note, water starts pouring in. Touch the glass shower to go inside. Then use the remote control to close the drain.

Afterward, go to the red box and press the red restart button.


You will be prompted to enter a code into the door. Don't skip this step. If you don't know, just choose Back, or enter something wrong three times.

If you don't know the code but the game keeps asking you for it, and the flow chart is greyed out, just use the flow chart to go back and watch the segments after the Transport decision. After that, you can jump to any point in the flow chart again.