Power Room

After C-Team rolls the dice, you must escape the Power Room.

Seek a Way Out

Put the two drain covers in place.

Turn the valve on the leftmost and rightmost yellow box (but not the middle yellow box).

Near the middle of the room, you will find the power distribution panel. Look at the floor in front of the power distribution panel and get the matches that are sparkling there. There is a red valve to the right of the power distribution panel. Turn it. Then touch the slider on the power distribution panel to turn it on.

Go left from the power distribution panel and find the red locker. Open the glass door and check inside to get a steel mold.

Then turn the switch on the front of the locker. This unlocks the yellow door at the bottom of the locker. Open it to find a puzzle. Tap each piece to rotate it. Match the shapes along the edges. The checkerboard colors do not have to match anything.

When you solve the matching puzzle, you will get two sink plugs. Use them in the two sinks in the room.

Now go to the power distribution panel and turn the dial to make the power go to the right.

Go to the other red locker and open the glass door to get the extinguisher. Then turn the switch on the front of the locker, then open the yellow door at the bottom. Check inside to get a block of tin.

Go to the right from there and use the matches on the small window in the oven.

Next, go to the oven on the other side of the room. Put the steel mold onto the shelf below the glass door, then put the block of tin next to it. After pushing the drawer in, use matches on the glass door of the oven. Open the door at the bottom of the oven to get a key.

Turn the valve on the big blue pipe.

Turn the two sinks on.

There is a locked lever in front of the windows to the steam turbine room. Use your new key on the lever, then pull it.

On the main power distribution panel, make sure to turn the dial to make the power go to the right if it isn't already. Then go to the middle yellow box and turn the dial to send the power through the water ditches.

Check the console that turns on. You will need to solve the puzzle by lining up the red Xs with the blue Xs. You aren't allowed to make pieces overlap. You don't have to cover up all squares in the grid.


Once you solve this puzzle, another monitor turns on. Check the monitor to start another puzzle. You can slide the columns up and down (except for the center one). You need to move the mirrors to make the lasers shine into the correct spots in the center.

\  /\  
\ \ \ \
 / +   
 \/ \ \
 \   \ 
   \ / 

After the cutscene, use the freezing extinguisher on the water drainage ditches to freeze it, turning off power to the control panel. This ends the room escape.

Time to Decide

After you make a choice in the AB Game, be sure to use the Flow menu to go back and make the other choice.