After you choose D-Team's Outbreak fragment, you must escape Manufacturing.

Seek a Way Out

Check the floor to find some notes.

Check the sparkle on one of the lathes to get a screwdriver head.

Check the other lathe to get wire cutters.

Take all the notes from the table. Based on the notes, Alex represents White, Betty represents Red, and Charley represents Blue.

Take the stun gun from the table, and the screwdriver grip. Combine the screwdriver grip and screwdriver head.

Check on the console in front of the robots. Equip the stun gun and use it on the high voltage contacts in front of the robots in the order shown on Note 1. Here is the order to touch the contacts:


Talk to the robots.

Go over to the glass device that has the blue and red buttons on it, and touch it to read the label. Then press the grey button (if you have trouble touching the correct pixel, use the Options menu to set the cursor speed to slow, then use the directional pad to touch it). You have to read the label before pressing the button.

If you make a mistake while trying to disarm the bomb, you will have to play a minigame to prevent an explosion. Just touch the arrows to prevent the blue and red ball from colliding. Make each ball go into the color that matches it. If it lands in a different color, it will turn around and keep going. If you fail, you can choose to restart the minigame. If you don't restart the minigame, you will go back to the Team Select screen.

Cut the red wire, then touch the screws on the fuse, then touch the screws on the corners.

Next, touch the center screws to remove them, then touch the rest of the screws to remove them.

Afterward, Alex gives you Alex's Note. The notes you got earlier told you that Betty means Red, so you will want to cut the red wire in the next step.

Touch the detonation box that you cut the wire on a moment ago, and you will find another puzzle. You need to remove the correct screws to prevent the small hammers from hitting the pendulum. Remove them in this order:


   5   4

Once you remove the center screws, touch the corner screws to remove them. A new puzzle is revealed, and Betty moves.

Touch the detonation box to do the next puzzle. It matches Blueprint 2, which says Cut Charley, so based on the other notes, you should cut the blue wire this time. After that, remove the two lower screws, then remove the two upper screws.

Betty starts moving toward the bomb. Touch the detonation device to start the final puzzle. Charley will give you a hint: the robot with the oldest memory gave you a hint about which wire to cut. Alex is the oldest robot and he gave you the "cut Betty" note, so you should once again cut the red wire here.

This ends the room escape.

Time to Decide

You will eventually have to decide whether or not to run. My advice?

Sigma says you don't have enough time to stop the explosion. It's true. You really don't have time to stop the explosion. Like, really. Running would make a lot more sense. Just sayin'.