After choosing Q-Team's Radical-6 fragment, you must escape from the biolab.

Seek a Way Out

Take the green beaker and pink beaker from the fume hood.

Take the note from in front of the computer and read it.

Touch the DNA helix model to get the red piece.

There is a centrifuge to the right of the DNA model. Use the red piece on it to remove the centrifuge cover. There are lines on the back of the cover.

There is a note on the shelf to the right of the centrifuge.

To the right of that shelf, there is a sink. Look inside the sink to get a knife.

Use the knife on the pig pillow. You will get a note, and the microscope lens, and a power cord.

Use the power cord on the machine on the desk to the right of the pig in the jar.

Next, use the knife on the machine. The blade will break off, but the analyzer will turn on.

Use the green liquid in the centrifuge to get blue liquid and yellow liquid. Use the pink beaker in the centrifuge to get red liquid and white liquid. Note: You need to get the Centrifuge Manual from the shelf and read it before you can use the centrifuge.

Use the microscope lens in the microscope, then use the test tubes on the microscope. You will see that the cells are grouped together. The yellow cells are in groups of five, the red cells are in groups of three, the blue cells are in groups of two, and the white cells are by themselves.

Go to the lockers to the left. Press each button the number of times you saw cells grouping together. For example, red cells were in groups of three, so press the red button three times. Press the CHECK button when done. If you did it correctly, the locker will unlock.

Open the locker and touch the device inside to play a puzzle. You can switch between pieces and box by touching the button above the puzzle. You can rotate the puzzle pieces by tapping them. Line up the red Xs with the blue Xs. Make sure that each blue X is only covered up by one puzzle piece.

When done correctly, capsules will come out. The capsules are in the shape of numbers.

Put the centrifuge cover into the UV machine in the corner. The words Orange, Blue, and White appear on the cover.

Put the yellow and red test tubes into the centrifuge to get orange liquid.

Go to the analyzer machine to the right of the pig jar and use the orange liquid on it, then the blue, then the white. You will get a human fetus in a jar.

The computer screen will show symbols in different colors. They are: yellow bird, pink fish, white insect, orange plant, and blue human.

The symbol colors correspond to the numbers on the colorful capsules that you found. The 1 is spelled in yellow, 2 is spelled in pink, 3 is spelled in blue, and 5 is spelled in orange.

Matching up the colors from the computer screen, this gives you:
1: bird
2: fish
3: human
5: plant

Go to the row of specimens and use the fetus on it. Then rearrange the specimens to match the above order.

After the specimens are in the correct order, touch the devices that were revealed below. A light turns on on the sink.

Go to the sink and touch it. You will move it next to the pig. Touch the sink again and a light will turn on on the pig jar cart. Step back, then touch the pig cart and you will move it closer to the sink. The pig will burst out of the jar. Take the pig and put it on the sink cart. Then step back and touch the drawer below the sink. You will get a scalpel. Equip it, then step back and use the scalpel on the pig. The room escape will end.