The Hexagon

After you find out that Patty needs help, you should go to the Hexagon to find and help her.

Find the Hexagon

To reach the Hexagon, go east from Angel Falls, then when you are near the sign that says 'This way to the pass ', go south. You will soon find a dirt path. Go east along that path until you reach the Hexagon. The Hexagon is the round spot on the map. The purple water outside is poisonous, so stay away.

Inside the Hexagon

Inside, go all the way to the north wall and read the stone tablet. A ghost will appear. Go south to the ghost, check on him, then follow him. When you find him, talk to him and he mentions the back of the statue. Check the back of the statue and press the button there. Then return to the stone tablet, and you will see that the path is now open, so go through.

Before you use the stairs, go to the east, and you will find a Leather Shield in a chest. Then return to the room with the two sets of stairs, and go down the stairs on the left. Open the blue chest, which will contain a random item. Then go back upstairs and use the stairs on the right.

From the stairs, go north, and use the stairs that you find on the platform.

In this Y-shaped area, go to the northwest, and you will find a chest containing a Feather Fan. Go south to find a chest containing 210 Gold Coins. Then use the northeast stairs.

Go counterclockwise through this area. You can find a blue chest if you go to the west side of the area. Then go to the middle of the north wall and go through the door.

Go northwest to find a chest that contains a Seed of Deftness.

Heal up now. Go up the north stairs and you will find a woman whose legs are trapped. Agree to free her, and the Hexagoon will show up.

The Hexagoon

This is the toughest battle so far, but really, it is not that difficult. As long as you use Heal and Medicinal Herbs to keep your HP from getting too low, you can just attack over and over until The Hexagoon dies. The Hexagoon can ram into you or make rubble fall from the ceiling. Both of the attacks do about the same amount of damage, so make sure you keep your HP above that amount of damage and you should be OK. After you defeat the Hexagoon, you get 100 gold. The Hexagoon drops a magic beast hide.

Back to Angel Falls

After the battle, go back to Angel Falls. If you have a Chimaera Wing in your inventory, you can use it to go back to Angel Falls right away.

In Angel Falls, go to the Inn and some things will happen.

When you go outside, go to Erinn's house (the easternmost house) and you'll find a ghost there. Talk to him. A purple ball of light will float down. This is Stella. She will decide to hang around with you. You will now be able to use the Battle Records option in the menu, where you will be able to see a list of monsters that you have defeated and lists of items that you have collected. The Battle Records section will become more useful as the game goes on.

Talk to the ghost again and he will ask you to find the thing he buried behind the Inn. Go search in the bush on the ledge to the left of the waterfall. You will find an Inny.

Go to Erinn's house and show it to her, and watch what happens. Then go back to the ghost and he'll be ready to move on to the afterlife. Watch the cutscene.

Your First Quest

Before you leave town, talk to the girl standing in front of the church to receive your first quest. To fulfill this quest, you need to get a Tangleweb. You can collect some if you go to the area north of town, but you have to go around the river to get there. When you give one to Questelle, she gives you a sleeping hibiscus.

You can see all of the quests that you have accepted and completed from the Battle Records menu. You can quit a quest at any time, and then go back to the quest giver if you decide to start the quest again. Some quests can be repeated and some cannot.

Go to the Starflight Express

Next, go to the mountain pass east of town, where you saw the train engine. Walk up to it and you'll go in. Stella will try to turn on the train, but it doesn't work.

Stella wants to go to Stornway next. From the mountain pass, head northeast to reach the area of Western Stornway.

Get Some Items

Before you go to the city of Stornway, there are a few helpful items that you can pick up. First, go to the forest in the southwest part of Western Stornway and go down the stairs in the middle. You will be back in the Hexagon, but in an area that you couldn't reach before. Open the red chest to get Scale Armor.

Go back outside and return to the Western Stornway area. You can collect some items from the ground in different parts of this area. Just south of the city of Stornway, you will find Coagulant on the ground. In the southeast area, you will find Fisticups. To the east, the monsters are pretty difficult, but if you want to give it a try, then on the south part of the beach, you will find Seashells. These items will come in handy later. Sparkling items on the ground will reappear after a while.

Go to the City

Now go to the city of Stornway that is in the northern part of the Western Stornway region.