After arriving in Slurry Quay, your next destination is the town of Dourbridge.

Enter Dourbridge

During the day, you will get to see a cutscene if you go east along the bridge.

Don't Buy Anything at the Item Shop

Everything in the Dourbridge Item Shop is overpriced, so be sure not to buy anything there. The weapon and armour shop has normal prices.

Recipe Books

The northernmost house, and the house behind the item shop, have bookshelves where you can learn some alchemy recipes.

New Alchemy

Max Meddlin'

In the northeast tent, you will find Captain Max Meddlin'. He collects Mini Medals. He will give you rewards based on how many medals you give him. After you have given him 80 medals (it will take a while) he will run a shop where you can buy things with Mini Medals.

You most likely have at least four Mini Medals already, so talk to Max Meddlin' to get the Thief's Key. This item will let you open up all of the locked red chests that you have found so far:

Locations of Locked Chests you can Open Now

  • In Max Meddlin's Tent (Mini medal)
  • Stornway Castle B1, northwest room (Cautery Sword)
  • Porth Llaffan Mayor's house (Pink pearl)
  • Slurry Quay next to inn (Agility ring)

After you hand over the medals, Max Meddlin' will tell you how many more medals he needs before he'll give you the next prize. Be sure to come back here after you have collected more medals. Occasionally the medals can be found in blue chests.

After you have looted the chests here in Max Meddlin's tent, you should explore the rest of Dourbridge.

Outside, go down the stairs and head north and into the house north of the Inn. Read the books in the bookshelves for recipes, and open the blue chest.

In the item shop, there are more recipes in the bookshelves.

Make a Special Medicine

Before you proceed, use the Zoom spell or a Chimaera Wing to go back to Stornway, and use the Alchemy Pot in the Inn to make a Special Medicine. You can buy four Medicinal Herbs and make two Strong Medicines, then use the two Strong Medicines to make the Special Medicine. Keep the Special Medicine in your bag. You will need to give it to someone soon.

After you have explored Dourbridge (and taken a detour to open the chests with the Thief's Key, and gotten a Special Medicine as mentioned in the previous paragraph), you can use the east exit of town. Head southeast until you have crossed the bridge into the Lonely Plains area. Go southeast in the Lonely Plains until you can go northeast. Enter the area with the house, and you can get some new recipes from the bookshelf inside.

Then go north to enter the Heights of Loneliness.