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Dragon Quest 9 Grotto Map Viewer

Use this page to get a map of the floors and treasure chests in a grotto.

Step 1: Find Location Code

Visit the grotto map hex finder to find the location code for your map.

Step 2: Find the Seed and Rank

Find the rank and seed of your map using's Grotto Search. Use the location code from step 1 to make sure that you found the correct seed and rank.

Step 3: Get the Floor Map

Then enter the rank and seed below and click Submit to see the floor map of your map.

Famous Maps

View the Masayuki Map (Ruby Path of Doom Lv. 87, map location 54 - The 15th floor is all Metal King Slimes)

View the Kawasaki Locker Map (Emerald World of Gloom Lv. 86, map location 5A - Contains many high-quality blue chests, all near stairs or on the direct path to stairs.)

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