Dragon Quest 9 Grotto Map Viewer

Use this page to get a map of the floors and treasure chests in a grotto.


Step 1: Find Location Code

Visit the grotto map hex finder to find the location code for your map.

Step 2: Find the Seed and Rank

Find the rank and seed of your map using Yabd.org's Grotto Search. Use the location code from step 1 to make sure that you found the correct seed and rank.

Step 3: Get the Floor Map

Then enter the rank and seed below and click Submit to see the floor map of your map.

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Famous Maps

View the Masayuki Map (Ruby Path of Doom Lv. 87, map location 54 - The 15th floor is all Metal King Slimes)

View the Kawasaki Locker Map (Emerald World of Gloom Lv. 86, map location 5A - Contains many high-quality blue chests, all near stairs or on the direct path to stairs.)