Angel Falls

You must continue your mission to gather Benevolessence for the Yggdrasil, but this time without Aquila's help.

Get More Benevolessence

Now that you are the Guardian of Angel Falls, you should go around and help the people there.

Go to the house in the southwest of the village where a man is sleeping on the floor. Go pick up all the horse manure. After all of it is gone, the man will wake up and will be glad to see that the cleaning is done. You will receive some Benevolessence.

Find the dog in the southeast part of town, and talk to it. It will go over to a shiny object in the grass. Pick up the object to get the Keepsake Ring. Then go to the church and give the ring to the old woman. You will get more Benevolessence.

Finally, go toward the east and speak to Aquila, who will say that there is a ghost in town. Go farther east and you find the ghost. Talk to him and tell him that he is already dead. He will be able to rest in peace, and you will get more Benevolessence.

You will talk to Aquila afterward. Say that you are ready to go back to the Observatory. Then go give the Benevolessence to the Yggdrasil.

Return to Angel Falls

After a cutscene, you will be back in Angel Falls. You can go to the church to save your game. Also, you can get some items here now that you couldn't get before. Be sure to open cabinets and check on jars and barrels. Be sure to go down the well to find a blue chest, which contains a random item.

Before you can proceed, you need to go into Ivor's house (the westernmost house in town) and go into the kitchen on the left and watch the dialogue between him and his father.

When you're done exploring, go to Erinn's house in the east side of town. Talk to her and say yes. The next day, talk to Ivor and he will join you. You can go to the shop to buy better equipment if you wish, but you might not want to get a Leather Shield, because you can get a free one soon.

Go to the Mountain Pass

After that, go to the exit of town and talk to Hugo, who will reluctantly let you pass.

Follow the path toward the east. It will take you to the Mountain Pass. You will encounter monsters on the way, but they aren't too tough.

If you level up to level five, you will earn 3 skill points. You can spend those points on learning new skills in these five categories: Swords, Shields, Fans, Whips, and Litheness. You don't have to spend the skill points now; you can save them for later. However, you can only have a maximum of 100 skill points at a time, so be sure to spend them eventually or you will lose them. Go to the Misc. menu and use the Allocate Skill Points option to spend any skill points you haven't used yet.

In the Mountain Pass, you will notice a train engine, but Ivor can't see it. You can also see a red treasure chest to the right of it. After Ivor walks away, go to the right of the train engine and open that red chest to get a Gold Ring. You can equip it to increase your defense.

Now go to where Ivor went and talk to him. You will talk to some Stornway soldiers. You need to take the news back to Angel Falls, so go back the way you came. Then go to the Mayor's house (the westernmost house) and watch what happens.

If you need to heal up, leave Erinn's house and go back in, then talk to her.

Your next destination is the Hexagon, to look for Patty.