After you obtain a Fygg in Zere Rocks, you should head to Bloomingdale, where you meet Marion.

New Alchemy

Visit Bloomingdale

Go to the shoe store (it's the armor shop next door to the church) and read the bookshelves to learn some recipes. The rightmost house across from the armor stall has more recipes on the shelves.

Go to the dock at the northwest part of town and talk to the old man to see a cutscene. Then talk to the woman near the entrance of town. Next, when it's daytime, talk to the guard at the mansion in the north part of town and he will let you in. Open the chests in the rightmost room of the second floor for 1500 coins and a Strength Ring.

Go downstairs and into the room on the east side to see a scene. Talk to Marion to see another scene (it doesn't matter what answer you give when she asks you a question). Talk to the woman in the house just west of the mansion. Talk to the bald guy in the shoe store. Next, talk to the ghost, then follow it out and check on the southern gravestone to see another scene.

Before you continue, you might want to put Antidotal Herbs in everyone's inventories, because the next boss that you encounter can inflict poison.

Your next destination is The Bad Cave. To reach it, exit Bloomingdale and go northeast to reach a bridge, then go north to get to The Bad Cave.