Alltrades Abbey

Alltrades Abbey is where you can change your vocation. However, you will soon learn that all is not well at the abbey.

Help Alltrades Abbey

Go to Alltrades Abbey, which is northeast of the blue tree that you landed near.

When you go into Alltrades Abbey, go north and there will be a cutscene. You will soon learn that Abbot Jack has gone missing, so no one can change vocations. Talk to the guy at the northernmost end of the location and say that you want to change vocations, but he will tell you that you can't. Talk to him again and he'll mention that someone in the Abbey right now gave them a shiny fruit and says to go look for him.

Go downstairs and talk to the bartender in the southwest. Then ask the maid. Then go north to the martial artist standing outside of the Inn and say that you need something. Then go upstairs and Stella will emerge and have a few words to say. Go north and talk to the guy at the northernmost part of L1. He'll ask you to go the Tower of Trades to find the Abbot. Agree to go. The man teaches you how to bow.

New Recipes

Before you leave, be sure to read the books in the inn downstairs, where you will learn some new alchemy recipes.


There is a merchant in the pub in the downstairs part of Alltrades Abbey, standing at one of the tables.

New Alchemy

With the items that you can purchase from this merchant, you can make the following new things with alchemy:

Detour to Porth Llaffan

You can go south from Alltrades Abbey to find the seaside town of Porth Llaffan. There you will find an item shop and a weapon/armour shop. They will be closed during the day, so stay in an inn until night before you visit.

The new items from these shops will allow you to make the following new alchemy items.

Moving On

Now you can go east from Alltrades Abbey to the Tower of Trades.