After you obtain a ship in Bloomingdale, you can sail to Gleeba and meet with the Queen.

New Alchemy

Get New Recipes

As soon as you enter the city of Gleeba, go into the house to the left of the entrance. Check on the bookshelf there to learn some new alchemy recipes.

Enter the Mirage Mahal

The palace in the north part of Gleeba is the Mirage Mahal. It's only open to the public during the day, so be sure to visit it then.

On the first floor of the Mirage Mahal, go to the northeast and northwest rooms and check all of the bookshelves. You will learn new recipes and a new party trick.

Help the Chancellor

Go up to the second floor of the Mirage Mahal and go to the area in the top middle where a man is walking near lion statues and a throne. Talk to him and agree to help. He will ask you to find the Queen's missing lizard.

Find the Lizard

If you talk to people in town, you will get some hints about finding the lizard. To find it, go to the area inside the city that is just west of the Mirage Mahal. There is a tree in the shade here. Use the Clap party trick to scare the lizard out of the tree, then chase after it and press A when standing near it to catch it.

Bring the Lizard to the Chancellor

Go back to the second floor of the Mirage Mahal and talk to the Chancellor to show him the lizard. You will have a meeting with Queen Voluptua.

Find a Way Into the Bathing Chamber

Go down to the first floor and talk to the person guarding the door to Queen Voluptua's private bathing chamber in the middle of the north wall. Then go down through the archway across from the bathing chamber door. Talk to the maiden there to find out about someone who might know a secret way in.

Go up to the top floor. You will see a treasure chest on the other side of a fence. Exit this room through the door to the south, then go around the back of the dome and walk into the north wall to get into the secret chamber. Open the treasure chest to get the Magic Key. This will allow you to open the locked purple doors that you might have seen around the world. These doors can be found in the following locations:

Purple Doors

  • Coffinwell, in the room reached by going up the northeast stairs in the inn or by going down the stairs in front of the mayor's house
  • Bloomingdale, in the mansion on the second floor
  • Zere, on the back wall of the inn

Follow the Fygg

If you left the Mirage Mahal, go back in, and go up to the top floor. Talk to the man sitting on the fountain there. Tell him that you want to get into the private bathing chamber. After that, check on the middle of the fountain and say Yes when asked if you want to jump in. Watch the cutscene, and then jump into the well in the bathing chamber to enter the Plumbed Depths.