Swinedimples Academy

Southeast from Batsureg is the Urdus Marshland, and east of that is Hermany and the Snowberian Coast. North is Snowberia, and in the center of this snowy land is Swinedimples Academy.

Missing Students

Talk to the headmaster at the gate. He will think that you are a detective and will let you into the grounds of Swinedimples Academy. Apparently some students have vanished. You will get 2000 gold coins and a Swinedimples Blazer to help you pretend to be a student. You will also get access to a room in the dormitory. This means you can rest up for free from now on, with no need to rest at an inn and pay!

Go around this building and check on all of the bookshelves to learn some new recipes. Be sure to unlock the purple door to get the Red Tights from the chest beyond.

Visit the Dormitory

Go to the second floor of the dormitory and approach the southwest room. You will see a scene. Go into the room to see another scene. Now go outside.

Find the Truants

After a scene, go west of the western building to find Fred and his gang. Talk to Fred and agree to join his gang. Then go to the southeast building and go to the top floor and go to the southwest room. Check on the bed and choose Rest to rest until night.

Touch the Statue

Go into the main building and go up to the second floor using the stairs next to the church. Go up one more flight of stairs, then go outside and check on the statue, and say Yes. Fred and his gang will appear, then Fred will run off. Go follow him. You'll find him to the east of the main building, at the grave of Sir Sternivus Swinedimple. You don't need to wear the Swinedimples Blazer anymore, so equip yourself properly, then go down the stairs that appeared.

The Old School - B1

Go west into the room full of bookshelves. The books on the bookshelves here can't be read. Go to the west side of the room, then up through the gap in shelves. After that, go through the gap in the middle of the shelves above you. Go left and walk up the stairs made out of books.

Walk south, go east when you can, then go south at the end to find a blue chest. Now go straight north until you see a ladder. Go down the ladder and through the door. Follow the path to find a red chest that contains a Brainy Bracer.

Go back the way you came, up the ladder to get back onto the bookshelves. Go north to reach the next section of the room. Continue walking along the shelves until you cross a wooden plank, then go south to find a red chest that contains a seed of therapeusis.

Go back north and walk along the shelves along the wall, then go down the book stairs when you reach them. Go east down the stairs to B2.

The Old School - B2

Go west through the door and check on the bookshelves to find recipes. Then go south from the rightmost bookshelves and you will see a red chest. Go west, then south, then east to reach it. It contains an einhänder. Go west from that chest, then northwest, then south. After you go past the beds, go east and into the open door in the wall.

In here, you find the kidnapped students getting a stern lecture from Sir Sternivus Swinedimple. Go talk to the ghost and he becomes the Dreadmaster.


Dreadmaster can cast Zammle, Crackle, Double Trouble, and Psych Up.

After you defeat Dreadmaster, you get the final Fygg. Now you need to take the Fyggs back to the Observatory. To do that, warp to Alltrades Abbey and check on the blue tree southwest of the Abbey.

Return the Fyggs

After you check on the blue tree, you'll be in the Starflight Express. Talk to Stella to return to the Observatory. You will have to give Aquila the Fyggs. And then some things happen.


No matter what you do, you won't be able to move, so just choose attack until the battle is over. Watch the long scene that follows. You will find yourself in Wormwood Creek.