After rescuing Patty and finding Edwinn's old Inny award, you should head to Stornway to pay Erinn a visit.

Visit the Inn

After you arrive in Stornway, go to the inn and you will see some automatic scenes with Patty and Erinn. Afterward, talk to Patty or Erinn. Agree to help find guests for the inn, then go outside.

Then you can go right back into the Inn. Erinn will be behind the counter, so you can talk to her to rest in the Inn if you wish. There is a Celestrian named Pavo sitting on the counter on the right. You can talk to her to learn about the Rapportal, which allows you to play the game with up to three other players using the local wireless.

If you talk to Erinn, you can stay for the night. There is also an option to canvass for guests or view the guestbook. These options are performed via Tag Mode, where you close your DS and walk around.

Add People to your Party with Patty

You can also talk to Patty, who can add new people to your party. It is recommended to do this, because the game will be very difficult with only one person in your party. You can choose "Call Up a Friend" to choose one of the three randomly generated characters, or, to create your own new characters, choose "Recruit a Friend". If your custom characters are not currently in your party, they will be listed in the "Call Up a Friend" list. If you choose to create your own characters, it is recommended to have a Priest on your team to take care of healing. It helps to have a Thief with you, because they can learn the ability Half-inch, which they can use to try to steal items from monsters. This will be very helpful later. Mages can also be useful because their attacks can do elemental damage, which some enemies are weak to. Warriors are good for their high attack power, and Martial Artists are agile fighters. The Minstrel class, which you started the game as, is also available for the characters that you create.

If you talk to Patty and add one or more characters to your team, she will teach you the Egg On move, which boosts tension, giving you a temporary boost in attack strength.

If you have more people in your party, you can go to the Misc. menu to change their tactics. If you tell them to Follow Orders, then you have to choose what they do in battle. But you can choose other options, such as Show No Mercy or Fight Wisely, to make them automatically choose what to do in battle. You can change tactics during battle via the Misc. menu.

The Tactics menu is also where you can change the color of the dots for your party members on the map, which also changes the background color of your party members' nameplates.

You can also switch your weapons during battle via the Misc. menu.

After battles, experience points are divided among you and your party members, with higher-level characters receiving more EXP than lower-level characters.

If any of your characters die, go to a church to resurrect them. You have to pay for the resurrection, however. Priest characters eventually learn a resurrection spell called Zing.

Explore Stornway

Go outside and walk to the left from the Inn entrance to find a well. Go down to find a red chest that contains Linen Gloves. These increase Deftness, which is especially helpful for Thieves.

From the well, go north to the nearby stairs. Down below, you find a red chest that contains lambswool, and a blue chest that contains a random item. Go back outside, then go north. There is a house to the north. Go behind that house to find a red chest that contains a Mini Medal, which will be helpful later. The weapon shop is to the east, and it has a red chest that contains a Seed of Strength, as well as a blue chest.

If you talk to the locals in Stornway, you will soon learn that they are being terrorized by the Wight Knight. Read the wooden sign near the center of town, then talk to the guards in front of the castle in the north part of town. Go into the castle and go up to L2, then go into the throne room to start a cutscene. Afterward, talk to the king. He says that the Wight Knight will be at Loch Storn, so that is where you should go when you are ready.

In the castle, go to the northwest room of L1 and go down the stairs to find a chest that contains a Mini Medal. (The other chest is locked.)

Preparing to Fight the Wight Knight

However, you should really add some people to your party before you go to Loch Storn, and gain some levels. The Wight Knight is difficult, especially if you try to go alone. Read the "Add People to your Party with Patty" section above to learn how to add people to your party.

The Bank

In the inn, there is a woman near the entrance of the inn who runs the bank. If you have at least 1000 G, you can deposit it into the bank. This is useful, because if you die in battle, you lose half of the gold that you are carrying. But if you deposit the money into the bank, you won't lose any of the money in the bank if you die.

Quests in Stornway

There are a few quests you can start in Stornway now.

Go into the church and talk to the woman in the aisle. Accept the quest, then hold the B button and press Up to do an Air Punch (or whichever button you assigned it to if you changed it).

After you complete her quest, leave the church and go back in, and talk to her again to get another quest. Go into the Misc. menu and choose Assign Party Tricks, then assign a pirouette, a clap, a jump, and an air punch to the down button. Then exit the menu and hold the B button, then press Down to do the sequence of moves.

You can also find a soldier in the northwestern tower of the castle who gives you a quest. He asks for a medicinal herb, antidotal herb, and a moonwort bulb. You can buy the first two in shops, but you haven't yet gone to a town that sells moonwort bulbs. Batterflies have a chance of dropping them, so if you feel like it, you can go northwest to return to the Angel Falls area where they can sometimes be found.


Be sure to upgrade your equipment at the weapon and armor stores, especially after you add people to your party.

You might want to level up your other party members before you face the Wight Knight. If you want to fight tougher monsters, head east from Stornway to find Eastern Stornway. There are monsters in the grassy areas and different monsters in the beach areas. You can find seashells in the beach areas as well.

Go to Loch Storn

Try to raise your levels to 7 or higher, and make sure to purchase as much armor as you can afford, especially armor that raises defence and evasion. Upgrade your weapons as well, if possible. When you are ready, exit Stornway, then go west to the stairs, and go up them. Then go north to the bridge that is north of Stornway. Go across it, then go northeast to find Loch Storn.

When you get there, if it is daytime, there is no sign of the Wight Knight. Stella will ask if you want to be there for a while longer, so say yes. The Wight Knight will appear, and will attack.

The Wight Knight

The Wight Knight is tough, but if you added some people to your party and gained levels, it shouldn't be too difficult. The Wight Knight can do Bolt Cutter, which is a lightning attack to a single person, and Multithrust, which can hit everyone in the party, sometimes multiple times per person.

When you defeat the Wight Knight, he will ask you to take a message to the King, so return to Stornway.

Back in Stornway

Return to the king. You will need to go in daytime, so rest in the inn if it is still night, or just wander around outside.

In the throne room, there will be a cutscene. Afterward, talk to the king and there will be another cutscene. Then go south from the throne room and Simona will talk to you. Go through the south door and go up the stairs on the right, then follow the path to Simona's room. She will ask you to talk to her old nanny in Zere. You can get to Zere by going northwest from Loch Storn (where you fought the Wight Knight).