The Bad Cave

After you learn Marion's story in Bloomingdale, you should go north to The Bad Cave.

New Alchemy

Enter the Cave

Go north across the bridge and into the cave to reach the main entrance of The Bad Cave.

The Bad Cave - L1

Follow the straightforward path and there will be a cutscene. Continue along the path to reach a table. Read the sign and then sit in a chair. After the cutscene, go down the ladder and make your way east. Go into the first cave entrance that you see. Before you proceed, go southeast and unlock the door. Then go back north and take the northeast path. Look for the blue chests on the way. The path will split into two downward paths. Take the rightmost path first to get a Hephaestus' Flame. Then go back and take the exit on the left. Follow the straightforward path, getting the blue chest up on the ramp, and continue northwest through the door.

The Bad Cave - B1

You might find Metal Medleys in this area, which give about 12000 EXP. Go north to find a chest that contains a Mini Medal. Go back south, and continue south. You can go up the stairs in the middle of the room for a blue chest. Then go south, then west, and head north across some rocks to get 1700 gold coins. Go back south and then west to reach the door to B2.

The Bad Cave - B2

This area is also a Metal Medley area. In B2, the path will split. Go northwest. Go past the water to reach the west side, then go north and continue going along the straightforward path. At the north end of this area, you will see two short stairways. If you go north between the two stairways, you find a blue chest. After you open it, go up the stairs on the left and go north to the next screen.

Talk to Marionette and watch the scene, then check on the monster.


Tyrantula can inflict poison and can immobilize you and your party members.

After the battle, watch the scene. Go back to Bloomingdale and back to the grave past Marion's room. Check on Marionette to get a Fygg. Talk to the old man at the dock at the northwest to obtain a ship. You can now sail to almost any location in the world.

To control the ship, move it around with the control pad. You might have random enemy encounters when you sail around. Press A to disembark (the ship has to be touching land.) If you press B, you can walk around on the ship. There are some treasure chests and some bookshelves with recipes, so be sure to do this! There are even some locked areas that you will need to check on later when you have the right items. You can press Y to see a map. Your ship's location will be shown in purple.

Now that you have a ship, sail north from Bloomingdale, past Slurry Quay, then go east to the continent with the huge desert on it. Then you can disembark and make your way to the city of Gleeba.