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How to Wish on a Shooting Star

At night, when the sky is clear, you might see a shooting star streak across the sky, accompanied by a twinkling sound. When this happens, wish on the star and you will get a gift in the mail the next day from Wishy the Star. Wishy will give you Spotlight Items, which are rare items that sometimes appear in Tom Nook's store.

When will I see a shooting star?

Shooting stars might appear in the sky between 7PM and 9PM. The sky needs to be clear, with no clouds at all, for the shooting star to appear. However, shooting stars are completely random, and sometimes you might not see a shooting star for a very long time. But sometimes, there are nights when there are large numbers of shooting stars all throughout the night. This is often referred to as a meteor shower.

How do I wish on a shooting star?

Press A or tap your person to wish on the shooting star. Do it as soon as you hear the sound and see it streak across the sky. If you do it correctly, your person will clasp his or her hands and bow down, making a wish. If your person does not bow, then you did not wish successfully. You need to make the wish while the star is still in the sky, before it goes off of the edge of the screen.

How will I get my gift?

You will receive a letter from Wishy the Star with a gift attached the next morning. Attached to the letter there will be a gift that is a Spotlight Item: a rare item that might sometimes (but rarely) appear in Tom Nook's store. There are some very valuable Spotlight Items, so getting them for free from Wishy is a great deal.

What gifts can I get?

Wishy will give you a Spotlight Item. See below for the full list:

  • Arwing
  • Baby Panda
  • Black King
  • Black Queen
  • Blue Corner
  • Blue Dresser
  • Cabana Armchair
  • Cabin Bookcase
  • Cement Mixer
  • Classic Bookcase
  • Covered Wagon
  • Deluxe Washer
  • Dolly
  • Dracaena
  • Exotic Chest
  • Famous Painting
  • Fine Painting
  • Garden Gnome
  • Green Pantry
  • Hamster Cage
  • Hi-Fi Stereo
  • Ivory Piano
  • Jukebox
  • Kiddie Stereo
  • Lovely Kitchen
  • Lucky Gold Cat
  • Master Sword
  • Modern Cabinet
  • Moon
  • Mummy's Casket
  • Ninja Sword
  • Plum Bonsai
  • Ranch Hutch
  • Regal Clock
  • Robo-Stereo
  • Samurai Suit
  • Skeleton
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Throne
  • Treasure Chest
  • Unknown Machine
  • White King
  • White Queen

If I wish on three stars, do I get three gifts?

No; you can only get one gift from Wishy per day. Even if you wish a bunch of times a night, like during a meteor shower, you will only receive one gift the next day.

Can guests in my town wish on Wishy?

Yes. Friends who visit your town via Wi-Fi or the Nintendo WFC can wish on a shooting star while they are in your town, and the gift from Wishy will appear in their mailboxes in their own towns. If you are having a meteor shower in your town, be sure to invite all of your friends!

What is the schedule for shooting stars?

The shooting stars are random, as far as I know. There might be some secret schedules programmed into the game, but they probably are still pretty random. It is possible that the designers of the game made it more likely for shooting stars to appear during certain times of the year, but it is also possible that it is completely random. Nobody really knows!

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