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How to Cure a Bee Sting

This is a game guide. Visit my How to Cure a Real Bee Sting guide for information on how to cure a real bee sting.

It happens all the time: you're walking around your town, shaking trees to find Bells and furniture, and the next thing you know, there is a swarm of bees flying at you from a beehive, stinging you in the face!

Maybe that only happens in Animal Crossing. At any rate, a bee sting causes unsightly swelling on your face that will startle your neighbors and amuse your enemies (namely: bees). How do you restore your youthful good looks? Read on!

How to cure the bee sting

Tom Nook's multi-purpose medicine does everything from curing a villager's cold to healing bee stings instantly. You can even put it on a countertop and pretend that it is a bag of flour!

But I digress. If you have some of this miracle medicine in your pockets, drag it to the drawing of your person to use it on yourself, and in a blinding flash, your bee sting will instantly disappear.

Another method for curing the bee sting

Unfortunately, Tom Nook only has one bag of medicine in stock in the store each day. In the all-too-likely event that you get stung in the face by bees more than once in a day, what do you do?

An easy way to cure a bee sting is to save the game and then start playing again. If you have a bee sting, and you save the game and start playing again, the bee sting will have mysteriously vanished. When you save the game, your character is basically taking a nap, so I guess bed rest is sufficient to cure a bee sting in the Wild World of Animal Crossing. Even if that nap is only a few minutes long.

Bee sting insurance

Lyle, the weasel insurance salesman, includes bee sting insurance in his insurance policy. If you take out an insurance policy with Lyle, you will receive 100 Bells in the mail every time you get stung by a bee. This is hardly sufficient, considering that if you catch a bee, you get 450 Bells if you sell it to Tom Nook. However, I suppose that it is better than nothing!

How to avoid bee stings

The only sure way to avoid bee stings is to not go around shaking trees. For people who enjoy getting free money and furniture from trees, however, this is not a very appealing option. A better strategy is to carry a net in your pocket while you go on your tree-shaking journey so that you can attempt to catch any bees that might attack. (I will write a guide to catching bees as time allows.)

If you tend to be unlucky with catching bees, another option is to run for the nearest door as soon as you see a bee hive falling from a tree. If you can run inside of a house, Tom Nook's store, the museum, or any other indoor location before the bees sting you, you will be safe from a bee sting.

It is also possible, though difficult, to quickly change directions just as the bees are about to reach you. If you quickly turn to the left or right as the bees come up behind you, they will go the wrong way for a short time. Usually this isn't long enough to allow you to get your bug catching net ready, though.

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