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Boondox Guide

You can get special items by donating to the poor people of Boondox.

What is Boondox?

Boondox is a town in the Animal Crossing world where the people are so poor that they must eat dirt in order to survive. If you go to the Town Hall and talk to Pelly or Phyllis while she's in the left side and ask about donations, you can donate some money to Boondox. As you send more and more money, the lives of the people of Boondox improve, and they send you gifts and letters to thank you for your donations. The gifts are feathers of different colors. Donating to Boondox is the only way to get these special feathers. They can be worn as an accessory. Below is a list of the gifts that you can get and the amount of money that you must donate to get each item.

Can I visit Boondox?

No; it isn't possible to visit Boondox.

Don't donate too much at once

If you donate so much that you pass by one of the donation levels, like you go from 10,000 Bells total donation to 100,000 Bells total donation, you will miss the gift that you would have gotten between those levels!

GiftMoney to donateTotal donation level
Green feather10,000 BellsA total of 10,000 Bells
A letter40,000 more BellsA total of 50,000 Bells
A letter50,000 more BellsA total of 100,000 Bells
Blue feather100,000 more BellsA total of 200,000 Bells
Yellow feather300,000 more BellsA total of 500,000 Bells
Red feather300,000 more BellsA total of 800,000 Bells
Purple feather300,000 more BellsA total of 1,000,000 Bells
White feather300,000 more BellsA total of 1,400,000 Bells
A letter1,800,000 more BellsA total of 3,200,000 Bells
Rainbow feather3,200,000 BellsA total of 6,400,000 Bells

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