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Special Visitors List

Every day in your town, you can expect a special visitor to randomly pass through your village. The special visitors often bring special items and services that you can only get while they're there, so you should look for them!

You can only have one special visitor walking around outside in town at a time. You might find some special visitors in indoor locations at the same time, though.

Read the Roost café visitors guide to find out about meeting the characters who visit the Roost.

Special Visitors Guide

Here is a list of the special visitors, with a brief summary of when they appear. Below that you'll find more detailed descriptions of the visitors.

Visitor Day Time More Information
Resetti Any Whenever you reset the game without saving Resetti shows up whenever you start playing after you have reset the game without saving.
Tortimer (Cornimer) Holidays All day Tortimer stands outside of the town hall on certain holidays, and is there all day that day.
K.K. Slider Saturday Evening K.K. is in Museum café every Saturday night
Lyle Saturday Morning He hangs around your house on Saturday mornings.
Joan Sunday Morning She wanders around outside until noon.
Crazy Redd Random, unless you talk to Lyle All day Crazy Redd will set up a tent in front of the town hall
Katie or Kaitlin Multiple All day One of these cats might appear in your town after you have visited with another player.
Katrina Random Monday through Friday All day She sets up a tent around the same place where Crazy Redd would set his up.
Gracie Random Monday through Friday All day She will be standing in front of her car, which is parked in front of the Town Hall.
Saharah Random Monday through Friday All day She strolls around outside when she comes to visit your town.
Wendell Random Monday through Friday All day Strolls around outside. Give him food to get patterns
Pascal Random Monday through Friday All day You will find him standing on the beach somewhere.
Dr. Shrunk Random Monday through Friday All day Strolls through town.
Gulliver Random Monday through Friday Random Gulliver flies across the sky in a UFO that you can shoot down with your slingshot.
Blanca Random all week Random Blanca might appear after you open and close your gate, unless you have the mysterious cat option turned off.
Pete Random Monday through Friday 9AM or 5PM When there is not a special visitor in town during Monday through Friday, Pete might fly across the sky at 9AM or 5PM, delivering mail. You can shoot him down with your slingshot and talk to him.

Details about the Special Visitors

Crazy Redd

You will always get a visit from Crazy Redd during the week. Before Crazy Redd shows up, he will send you a letter to let you know what his secret password is. Crazy Redd will show up on a random day between Monday through Friday, UNLESS you speak to Lyle and tell him which day you want Crazy Redd to visit on. If you have done that, then

Katie or Kaitlin, temporarily separated mother and daughter cats

Read the Katie and Kaitlin Guide to learn more about them.

Katrina, the fortune-telling cat

Katrina will be in front of the town hall in a tent, around where Crazy Redd puts his tent. Katrina will give you a compatibility fortune or a luck fortune. With the compatibility fortune, you just enter the name of a person that you like, and Katrina will say whether she thinks that you are compatible with that person or not. With the luck fortune, Katrina will read some tarot cards and will tell you if you will have good luck or bad luck that day. If you get a bad luck fortune, you will trip and fall pretty frequently. Good luck doesn't seem to have any effect.

Gracie, the giraffe fashionista

Gracie is a fashionista, which means that she will critique your clothing and fashion sense. Not only that, but if you answer her questions about fashion, she will give you a Fashionista Badge (in the form of a letter). If she thinks your style is bad, she will give you a moldy shirt. If she thinks your style is so-so, she will give you a Subdued Print. If she likes your fashion sense, you just get the fashionista badge with no shirt attached.

Also, if you keep talking to her a bunch of times, she will eventually prompt you to give her some money. You can give her up to 8,000 Bells, and she will give you a style makeover. That means that she will give you some random clothing, often including a Gracie exclusive shirt that you can't get anywhere else.

Saharah, the carpet salescamel

Saharah is a camel from a distant desert who has come to your town to deliver carpets and wallpaper that animals in your town ordered. Unfortunately for her, she forgot her map, so she asks you to make the deliveries in her stead. The deliveries are always to animals who are always in the town, like Tom Nook, Pelly, Mabel, and Blathers, for example. The deliveries are never to the villagers who come and go.

In return for making her deliveries, Saharah shows you a specific wallpaper and a specific carpet that she randomly chooses from her exclusive collection, and you can choose either the wallpaper or the carpet. This is the only way to get these wallpapers and carpets.

Wendell, the starving walrus artist

Wendell the walrus is an artist who wanders to your town and is very hungry. If you give him any kind of food, he will give you a pattern in return. The pattern that you get depends on the type of food that you give him. You can give Wendell anything edible, including fruits, fish, acorns, and turnips, among other things. The patterns that he gives you can be placed on the ground outside, used as wallpaper or carpet indoors, used for clothing, and so on. Once you give him some food, he will not accept any more food.

Pascal, the philosophizing sea otter

Pascal arrives in your town from the ocean, so Booker won't know about him. He stands on the beach, contemplating life. If you talk to him, he will share some of his deep thoughts with you, and then will give you a piece of furniture from the Pirate Set. Talking to Pascal is the only way to get pirate furniture. After he gives you the furniture, he will dive into the ocean and swim away until next time.

Dr. Shrunk, axolotl psychologist

Dr. Shrunk is an axolotl, which is a type of salamander. Dr. Shrunk is a psychologist who moonlights as a stand-up comedian. Dr. Shrunk will ask you about your emotions, and if you say that you're in a slump, Dr. Shrunk will suggest some emotions to work on. What this really means is that Dr. Shrunk will give you some emotion animations for you to display from the chat keyboard menu. If your keyboard gets filled up with emotions, Dr. Shrunk will give you the option of getting rid of one of the existing emotions and replacing it with one from Dr. Shrunk's list.

Gulliver, the space seagull

Gulliver flies through the air in a UFO. Booker is not able to know if Gulliver is going to visit. He won't report any visitors for the day, and there will be no hints or anything that Gulliver is coming. Typically, Gulliver's UFO passes by within the first 15 or 20 minutes that you start playing. I have read that Gulliver shows up when the ones digit of the minutes on the clock is a certain value, but I have not confirmed this. To get Gulliver down from the UFO, you must run up to the top of the town and shoot the slingshot at the UFO. The UFO will come crashing to the ground, and Gulliver will make a crash landing in one of the vacant lots in town (a spot that has a sign and would have a house on it if a villager lived there).

Look at the screen after Gulliver lands to try to figure out where he crashed, then go to that spot and talk to him until he wakes up (he will mutter some nonsense for a while). When he wakes up, he will ask you to go find the missing parts of his ship. There are five missing parts in total, each of which looks like a metal gearwheel. It is OK to save and end the game at this point; Gulliver will still be there. Once you collect the five pieces, bring them to Gulliver and he will give you a rare item in return. Then he will work on repairing his UFO.

Blanca, the faceless cat

Blanca appears randomly after you have opened and closed your gate. Blanca can show up multiple times a week. If there is already a special visitor in town, Blanca will not show up. Blanca does not prevent any visitors from appearing, except Pete.

Pete, the mail-delivering pelican

Pete flies through the sky at either 9AM or 5PM on two random days of the week, delivering the mail. You can run up to the top of the screen and shoot him with a slingshot. He will fall to the ground, and you can talk to him.

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