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Red Turnips Guide

Red turnips can be purchased from Joan, then planted to make a profit in Animal Crossing: Wild World.

How to get red turnips

Growing red turnips in Animal Crossing: Wild World is very simple. Just play the game between 6AM and 12PM on any Sunday, and Joan the turnip seller will be in your town. Talk to Joan and buy a bag of red turnip seeds from her. You can store those seeds for as long as you want; they will not become rotten. A pack of turnip seeds costs 1,000 bells. She also sells white turnips.

How to plant and grow red turnips

When you are ready to grow red turnips, dig a hole outside with your shovel, then plant the bag of red turnip seeds. Now, be sure to use your watering can to water the seeds! Otherwise, the turnips will go rotten in the ground the next day. You have to water your red turnip seeds every day until you are ready to dig them up.

What to do with red turnips

The red turnips will grow at little bit each day, becoming fully grown after being underground for 6 days. If you bury the red turnip seeds and then dig up the red turnip on the same day that you plant it, you can sell it for only 2 bells. If you dig up the red turnip on the next day, you can sell it for 100 bells. The following table shows you the price details.

Days planted Sell price
6 or more16,000

Note: if you want to give Wendell a red turnip for food, it's OK to plant the seeds and then dig up the turnip right away. Wendell will eat it.

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