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Roost Café Visitors

What is the Roost Café?

The Roost Café is a small cafe in the museum in your Animal Crossing: Wild World town. The door is at the bottom-right corner of the main room in the museum (where Blathers hangs out). There is a sign pointing to the door with a picture of a cup of coffee on it.

Who can I meet in the Roost?

Some of the special characters in your town will come to visit the Roost on certain days of the week at certain times. The characters that you can meet there are Harriet, Kapp'n, Lyle, Pelly, Phyllis, and Rover.

When can I meet these characters?

Please check out the following table to see the times and days to meet the different Roost visitors.

Visitor Days Time
Harriet (only if you have Nookington's) Monday through Friday 11PM to Midnight
Kapp'n Every Day Noon to 1:30PM and 2:30PM to 4PM
Lyle Sundays Noon to 1:30PM
Pelly Every Day 6AM to 6:55AM
Phyllis Every Day except Saturday 9PM to 9:55PM
Resetti Sundays 2:30PM to 4PM
Rover Every Day Noon to 1:30PM and 2:30PM to 4PM

What else can I do in the Roost?

In the Roost, you can sit at the coffee bar to talk to Brewster. He will offer to give you a cup of coffee. You can only have one cup of coffee a day; if you try to talk to Brewster from the bar again, he will ask you how your cup of coffee was. If you keep visiting Brewster for coffee every day for a while, your relationship with Brewster will become more friendly, and he will say more things when you get coffee from him. If you are good friends, he might even offer to put some pigeon milk into your coffee. If you say yes, Brewster will be happy. Also, be sure to drink your coffee while it's hot, or Brewster will be unhappy!

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