Animal Crossing: Wild World Guide

Wendell's Patterns

Wendell the walrus might visit your town, and he's really hungry. Depending on the food you give him, he will give you a different pattern You can use the patterns to place on the ground, or use as wallpaper, a shirt, a hat, and so on.


Freshwater Fish

Fish Type Pattern
Char Footprints
Catfish Overhead view A
Giant Snakehead Overhead view B
Pond Smelt Overhead View C
Gar Overhead View D
Crawfish, Killifish, or Frog Puddle
Salmon Checkpoint 1
King Salmon Checkpoint 2
Other freshwater fish, excluding the ones listed above Randomly selected from:
  • North/South road
  • East/West road
  • South/East curve
  • South/West curve
  • North/West curve
  • North/East curve
  • Intersection
  • Crosswalk

Saltwater fish

Fish type Pattern
Barred Knifejaw Stones
Coelacanth Fossil Dummy
Ocean Sunfish, Shark, or Hammerhead shark Storm Drain
Other saltwater fish, excluding the ones listed above
  • No Entry Sign
  • Right Turn Sign
  • Left Turn Sign
  • Exclamation Sign
  • No U-Turn Sign
  • House This Way
  • Town Hall This Way
  • Museum This Way

Non-fish meals

Food type Pattern
Coconut Speed Boost
Orange, Cherry, Pear, Peach, or Apple Brick Box
Acorn ? Box
White Turnip Down Stairs