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Golden Axe

One of the most sought-after tools in Animal Crossing: Wild World is also one of the hardest to obtain. To get one, you need to go through a lengthy trading sequence that depends partly on luck.

Step 1: Buy Red Turnip Seeds from Joan

On any Sunday, before noon, Joan will be in your town selling turnips. To start the trading sequence for the golden axe, buy some red turnip seeds from Joan. Keep the seeds in your house somewhere, like in a drawer. Now you're ready for the next step in the trading sequence.

Step 2: Grow a Red Turnip and Give it to Wendell

Now, you have to wait around for Wendell the walrus to show up in your town. This will happen randomly, some time between Monday and Friday, on a day when Crazy Redd is not in your town. Because of the random nature of Wendell's visits, it could take a long time before he shows up in your town, so you'll have to be patient.

On the day that Wendell shows up, bury your Red Turnip Seeds, and then dig them up right away. You will have a tiny Red Turnip. Take it to Wendell and give it to him to eat. Wendell will give you a reward. The reward will be either a Turban or a Country Guitar (it's random.) The one that you need for the Golden Axe is the Turban. If you get the Country Guitar, give it to K.K. Slider when he is in the café on a Saturday night and he will give you his picture. Unfortunately, if you do not get a Turban, you will have to start the trading sequence over again from the beginning.

Step 3: Give the Turban to Saharah

If you get the Turban, keep it in your house, and then wait for Saharah to visit your town. As with Wendell, Saharah might randomly visit your town on a day between Monday and Friday on a day when Redd isn't there. On a day when Saharah visits, put your Turban in your pocket, and then talk to Saharah. She will notice that you are carrying a Turban. Give it to her, and she will give you either a Massage Chair or a Red Vase. The Massage Chair is what you need to get the Golden Axe. If you have the Massage Chair, then you have everything that you need to get the Golden Axe. There are a couple more trades to do, but they don't give you random items like with Wendell and Saharah. If you do get the Red Vase, take it into Crazy Redd's shop on a day when he visits, and he will ask you for it, and in return he will give you a Safe, which you can give to Tom Nook to get Tom Nook's picture. Unfortunately, if you get the Red Vase, you will have to start the trading sequence over from the beginning.

Step 4: Give the Massage Chair to Tortimer

Now, wait for a day when Tortimer is standing outside, and give him the Massage Chair. He will give you the Scallop in return. To meet Tortimer, if you catch all the bugs or fish, he will be outside of your house. Otherwise, he will be outside on the following days:

  • January 1 - New Year's Day
  • January's third Sunday - Fishing Tourney
  • February's second week - Bright Nights
  • February's fourth Sunday - Fishing Tourney
  • March's third Sunday - Fishing Tourney
  • April's second week - Flower Fest
  • April's fourth Sunday - Fishing Tourney
  • May's third Sunday - Fishing Tourney
  • June's third Sunday - Bug Off
  • July's third Sunday - Bug Off
  • August's Saturdays - Fireworks Show
  • August's third Sunday - Bug Off
  • September's third Sunday - Bug Off
  • October's fourth Sunday - Fishing Tourney
  • November's third Sunday - Fishing Tourney
  • December's third Sunday - Fishing Tourney
  • December 31 - Countdown

Step 5: Give the Scallop to Pascal

Now you need to wait for Pascal to randomly visit your town. He randomly visits your town just like Wendell and Saharah, showing up on a day between Monday and Friday when Crazy Redd is not in town. The gatekeeper will not be aware of Pascal being in town, because Pascal arrives by the beach and not through the gate, so be sure to check the beach on the days when you don't have any other visitors in town, because Pascal stands there when he visits. When you give the Scallop to Pascal, he gives you the Golden Axe.

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