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List of Bugs

The following is a list of all bugs in Animal Crossing: Wild World. Some of the columns can be sorted from biggest to smallest, or vice versa. You can see the price that you can get from Tom Nook if you sell him these bugs. Use this bug list to help you catch the bugs that you need in the town museum.

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Sell Price
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Time of Day Month range
1Common Butterfly90Near Flowers4AM-7PMMar-Jul
2Yellow Butterfly90Near Flowers8AM-5PMMar-Jul
3Tiger Butterfly160Near Flowers8AM-5PMMar-Jul
4Peacock Butterfly220Near Flowers8AM-5PMMar-Jul
5Monarch Butterfly140Near Flowers8AM-5PMOct-Oct
6Emperor Butterfly2500Near Flowers8AM-5PMJul-Oct
7Agrias Butterfly3000Near Flowers8AM-5PMJul-Oct
8Birdwing Butterfly3000Near Flowers8AM-5PMJul-Oct
9Moth60Near Lights7PM-4AMMay-Oct
10Oak Silk Moth1200On Tree7PM-4AMJul-Oct
11Honeybee100Near Flowers8AM-5PMMar-Aug
12Bee4500In TreeAll dayAll year
13Long Locust200Ground8AM-7PMAug-Dec
14Migratory Locust600Ground8AM-7PMOct-Dec
15Mantis430On Flowers8AM-5PMAug-Dec
16Orchid Mantis2400On Flowers8AM-5PMAug-Dec
17Brown Cicada200On Tree8AM-5PMJul-Aug
18Robust Cicada300On Tree8AM-5PMJul-Aug
19Walker Cicada400On Tree8AM-5PMJul-Aug
20Evening Cicada550On Tree4AM-8AMJul-Aug
21Lantern Fly1800On Tree5PM-7PMJul-Oct
22Red Dragonfly80Air8AM-7PMOct-Oct
23Darner Dragonfly200Air8AM-5PMJul-Aug
24Banded Dragonfly4500Air8AM-5PMJul-Aug
25Ant80TurnipsAll dayAll year
27Snail250On FlowersAll dayMay-Oct
29Bell Cricket430Ground5PM-8AMOct-Oct
31Mole Cricket280GroundAll dayDec-May
32Walkingstick600On Tree4AM-7PMJul-Dec
33Ladybug200On Flowers8AM-5PMMar-Jul
34Fruit Beetle100On TreeAll dayJul-Aug
35Scarab Beetle6000On Tree11PM-8AMJul-Aug
36Dung Beetle800Snowball5PM-8AMDec-Mar
37Goliath Beetle6000On Tree7PM-8AMJul-Aug
38Firefly300Near Water7PM-4AMJul-Jul
39Jewel Beetle2400On Tree8AM-5PMJul-Aug
40Longhorn Beetle260On Tree8AM-5PMJul-Aug
41Saw Stag Beetle2000On TreeAll dayJul-Aug
42Stag Beetle2000On Tree7PM-8AMJul-Aug
43Giant Beetle10000On Tree11PM-8AMJul-Aug
44Rainbow Stag10000On Tree7PM-8AMJul-Oct
45Dynastid Beetle1350On Tree7PM-8AMJul-Aug
46Atlas Beetle8000On Tree7PM-8AMJul-Aug
47Elephant Beetle8000On Tree7PM-8AMJul-Aug
48Hercules Beetle12000On Tree11PM-8AMJul-Aug
49Flea70On VillagerAll dayMar-Dec
50Pillbug250RockAll dayAll year
52Fly60TrashAll dayAll year
53Cockroach5TurnipsAll dayAll year
54Spider300In TreeAll dayMar-Dec

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