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Perfect Snowman Guide

In the winter, in Animal Crossing: Wild World, it is possible to build a snowman! You can only build the snowman on days when the ground is white with snow. It is only possible to build two snowmen per day on such a day. It does not need to actually be snowing to build a snowman; just a snow-covered ground is sufficient.

You an make a snowman using two snowballs. There will conveniently be two snowballs somewhere in your town on a winter day. To create a snowman, just push one snowball on top of the other. However, if you make a perfectly-proportioned snowman, the snowman will be so happy that he will send you a piece of snowman furniture in the mail. This is the only way to get snowman furniture. Keep reading this guide to find out how to make the perfect snowman.

First, find the snowballs

When the ground is white with snow in your Animal Crossing: Wild World town, you will be able to find two snowballs in town. They are in random places on snowy ground (not dirt). They will usually just be sitting there, but sometimes there will be a dung beetle trying to roll the snowball away. In that case, you can either catch the dung beetle or just walk up to the snowball and push it a little in order to make the dung beetle fly away. Be sure to memorize the locations of the snowballs so you can find them later.

Next, make the snowballs bigger

When you find the snowballs, you will see that they are very small. You cannot make a snowman with them in that state, so you have to push the snowballs along snowy ground to make them bigger.

When the snowballs are at their smallest size, you are only able to kick them around. Be careful not to kick them into a hard object or into water. If they hit a hard object with too much force, they will break apart and disappear. If they fall into water, they melt and disappear. Going inside of a house or saving and continuing the game will make a new snowball appear somewhere in town to replace the one you lost.

After kicking a small snowball along the snowy ground for a while, it will be come big enough that you can no longer kick it; you must push it with your hands instead. It is much easier to control once it is this size. Push the snowballs to the same general area of the town, but don't push one on top of the other yet. You have to make the snowballs the perfect proportions to make a perfect snowman!

Changing the size of a snowball

After pushing a snowball around on snowy ground, it will eventually reach a point of being so big that it does not get any bigger. One of the snowballs has to be a different size in order to have the correct proportions for a perfect snowman, so you need some way to make the snowball smaller. You can make a snowball smaller by rolling it around on dirt (as opposed to snowy ground).

Make the snowballs just the right size for making a perfect snowman

The snowball that you push toward the other one will be on the top of the snowman. It becomes the snowman's head. For a perfectly proportioned snowman, the top snowball should be just a little bit smaller than the bottom one. If you make the top snowball too small, the snowman will not be a perfect snowman. My advice is to roll the snowball downward and look at your character to get an idea of how big each snowball is. If you make one snowball that comes up to your character's chin, and then another snowball that comes up to your character's nose, then you can use the chin-height snowball as the snowman's head, and the nose-height snowball as the snowman's body. Remember: making a perfect snowman is easiest if you make the body snowball as big as possible.

Say hello to your snowman!

When you think that you have made the snowballs just the right size, push the smaller one toward the bigger one, and it will automatically hop on top of the bottom snowball. Then a carrot nose and charcoal eyes and mouth will magically appear on the snowman's face. You can now talk to your snowman! Based on what the snowman says to you, it will probably be pretty obvious whether your snowman considers himself to be perfect or not. If he thinks that he is perfect, he will be really happy and say how perfect he thinks he is. If he is not quite right, he will not be as happy as that.

Receive snowman furniture

If your snowman is a perfect snowman, you will receive a letter on Snowman Paper in the mail from the snowman the next time the mail is delivered. The letter will thank you for making the snowman perfect. He will also include a randomly-chosen piece of snowman furniture. The Snowman Set is a set of furniture that includes a bed, chair, clock, dresser, fridge, lamp, sofa, table, TV, wallpaper, carpet, and wardrobe. Making perfect snowmen is the only way to get this furniture set. Each piece in the set is worth 8,888 Bells if you sell it in Tom Nook's store. (Note that the number 8 is snomwan-shaped!)

More Snowman Information

After you make a snowman, it will melt after a while and become smaller, just like a real snowman. It will eventually disappear. You can make up to two snowmen per day, and their letters will arrive the next time the mail gets delivered. Mail arrives at 9AM and 5PM each day, unless villager letters force the mail to arrive sooner than that.

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