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The Water Element

Now that you have the ocarina, new Kinstone fusions open up.

Ezlo will talk some more. Time to make use of your ocarina. Play it, and a bird (Zeffa) will grab you and you're shown the world map with different spots lit up. Pick the one at Lake Hylia.

Lake Hylia

You end up at one of those symbols that appear when you check on those tombstones. This means wherever you see one of those symbols, you can fly to that location using the ocarina!

Right now, you're by a shrinking portal and a tiny house above it. Shrink and go into the house. Fuse Kinstones with the Minish, then talk to it to learn of Librari. Then use the ocarina to get to Hyrule Town.

Hyrule Town

Check the Kinstone fusion section for all the fusions you can do in town now.

House-Renting Sidequest

Fuse with Farore (green-haired woman in the inn) and Gorman will be outside the empty house in the southeast of town. Talk to him and he'll say he needs a single female tenant. Go back to the inn and you can choose one of the three women to tell about Gorman's house. Who you choose will determine a couple of prizes you can get. You definitely want to choose Farore from the three, her prize is the best, so pick her now (she's the green-haired one).

Once you leave the inn, she'll be in Gorman's house. If you have an empty bottle, she can put a special charm in it that will increase both your strength and defense temporarily. If you had chosen to tell Din (red-haired one) about the house, the charm she offers only increases strength, and Nayru's (blue-haired one) only increases defense. However, there's more to the house-renting sidequest, and you can get one of the other two women into a house.

After Farore's in her new house, Bremor the carpenter will appear by the post office. Fuse with him and the head carpenter will get the motivation for a new project. Go into the stranger's house in the northwest corner of town, and go back out. A bit of the house will be built (over the Minish's house unfortunately... but he relocates to the new house once it's done). Go back in and then out again and the house will be done. Talk to Gorman, who needs another single female tenant. Go back to the inn and talk to either of the two women to tell them about the new house. When you go to the new house she'll be there, offering either a strength or defense charm. That completes the house-renting sidequest.

Hyrule Town

Fuse with Zill by the house with the ghost on the roof.

You can buy a bigger quiver from Stockwell if you have the cash (600 rupees to be precise).

The simulation arcade is open now (the house with the ghost on the roof) and if you play, you enter a simulation where you face a ton of monsters (the monsters that appear are random). Once you beat them all, a chest appears containing a piece of heart. After that, the prizes (and enemies) are different each time you play.

Now that you have the Mole Mitts, you can dig your way through the funky wall just below Mayor Hagen's house. Inside, dig your way to the bottom right corner to find a chest containing a red Kinstone piece. Then make your way up, and in an upper left corner is another hidden chest containing another red Kinstone piece. Take note that there are beetles around the area, so if you suddenly can't use your sword, tap all buttons to get the beetle off of you, then kill it. Continue on and you reach a ladder, and above it in the corner is yet another hidden chest with yet another red Kinstone piece. Climb down the ladder to reach a chest with 100 rupees inside. To the right, push the rock all the way right into the top hole. That's all you can do for now, the other rocks are inaccessible at this point. Go back outside.

Now you want to head for the newly open library. Head to the roof, shrink down, go inside, and walk into the bookshelf in the upper left corner with the trails in front of it. Talk to the Minish here and they'll tell you that you can't reach Librari because some books are missing. Go outside and grow. If you go to the bottom floor and talk to the lady at the counter on the left, she'll tell you one of the missing books and a clue to who has it. The first clue is a girl with a cat. She means Julietta, who lives near Anju's house (the girl with all the Cuccos).

If you go to Julietta's house, you see the book is up on top of the bookshelf. The only way to get it down is to shrink to Minish size and push it down, but there's no shrinking portal in here. What you have to do is empty one of your bottles, fill it with water (you can jump into the well for that or use the stream in town), go into Romio's house next door to Julietta's, and pour the water on the fire in the fireplace on the right. Then shrink down and walk into that fireplace. You can cross the plank to reach Julietta's house. Be careful in here, as her cat will try to swipe at you. Get over to the tiny ladder, climb up, and push the book down. Then make your way back to Romio's house to grow again and go back to Julietta's house to collect the book.

Go back to the lady at the left-hand counter in the library to return it. Talk to her again to learn that the next book is with an absentminded scholar. You may have tried getting into the house next to the dog that was blocking the stairs down to the southwest area of town. The guy inside wouldn't let you in. Now, you can get in. You need another bottle of water to put out the fire in the fireplace.

Now go to the cabin nearby where are the carpenters are, shrink, and go outside and get into the scholar's house. BEFORE going into the fireplace, you need to go into the Minish house in the scholar's house and talk to the Minish there, otherwise your path will be blocked later. Once done, go into the scholar's fireplace and once outside, go into the Minish house above (if the new house has been built there, you'll have to come back with a new item to get to the Minish house up the ladder inside). If the Minish House is still there, fuse Kinstones with the Minish and go back out.

Go into the yellow-roofed house where the stranger lives, and talk to the Minish standing there if you want (if it's blocking you, you didn't talk to the Minish in the scholar's house). Then go out the hole in the back. Follow the path around and down to a plank going across the stream. Go up, and talk to the Minish up here if you want. Now you have to enter the closed off area with the cats. Be very careful as you walk around, to try to avoid getting hurt by the cats. Once you pass through the area, you reach a vine going down, onto a small fountain. Go around the edge and into the hole.

This is kind of a mini-dungeon. Go through the door to the right. There's a fairy in the rightmost pot, if you want to catch it in an empty bottle. Use the Cane of Pacci on the hole, jump in, and get shot up to the ledge above. Go through the door.

Walk into the room and four blue dashing monsters will appear. Beat them all to make a chest appear, containing the Power Bracelets. Grab them, and exit left. Drop down, and go all the way south to get out of here.

You have to go back through the area with the cats, but now that you have the power bracelets, you can push the crate up to avoid the cat at the top. If you didn't fuse with the Minish earlier (the one who is living in the new house if it was built) you have to come back later after you've broken the pots in the house so you can push the bookcases left to make a path and reveal a ladder. Make your way back to the scholar's house. Push the left-hand bookcase further left, then push the right one left as well. Now you can go up the ladder and reach the hole.

In part of the room, there's a Minish standing on a book, trying to get it to fall. You need to help him get it down, but your weight alone isn't enough. Go to the bottom left corner of the room, and you'll see dust on the floor. Suck it up with the gust jar to reveal glowing tiles. Create two Links, one directly above/below the other, and stand on the very edge of the book. After a few seconds it will fall (and so will you).

Exit the house by the hole, and go back into the carpenter's cabin through the back way to get in and grow. Get to the scholar's house and grab the book. Return it to the lady at the left-hand counter in the library, and talk to her again for the clue to the final book, which is with Mayor Hagen.

Go to Mayor Hagen's house (south of the school). You have to talk to the mayor, but he's of no help. To get any information, you need to equip the Pegasus boots and dash into the wall under each mask to make them fall one by one. The left mask hides a hole. Once all the masks are gone, shrink down, climb up, and go into the hole you revealed. Talk to the Minish, who will mark the location of Hagen's lakeside cabin (where the book is) on your map.

Now you want to go to Lon Lon Ranch, then to Lake Hylia from there (use the southern exit to Lake Hylia), and finally south to the Minish Woods.

Minish Woods

Follow the path, and to the right of the stairs you see a wall that you can dig through with the mole mitts, so do it. There's a chest in the corner to your left containing a blue Kinstone piece. Dig further in and you see a rupee which is really a Like Like, hit the rupee with your sword to make it appear, and kill it. If you dig to the right where the path forks, and dig away in front of the far north wall, you find a strange symbol on the wall. Fuse Kinstones with it to make another Goron enter Goron cave and help the first Goron break down the wall.

Now go back to the fork in the path and dig north to the ladder, and go up. Outside, you reach a small cabin; Mayor Hagen's cabin. Inside you get a hint on what to do next. Go back outside and go north of the cabin to the sparkling tree. Dash at it with the Pegasus boots to reveal a shrinking portal. Shrink and go south from the stump into the Minish path behind Hagen's cabin. Get on the lilypad, equip the gust jar, and tap the gust jar button to blow gusts and propel yourself downward. You reach a plank, and if you did the fusion there will be a chest here containing a blue Kinstone piece. Exit south.

In Hagen's cabin, ride the lilypad to the little ladder down out of the water pool. It looks like you're stuck, but you can push the right-hand bookshelf to the right to reveal a ladder and create a path to the book. Push it down like you did with the book at Julietta's house. Then get back on the lilypad to get back to the Minish path. Use the gust jar to go all the way north, but be careful, there are monsters in the path now. Once outside, grow at the portal. Go into Hagen's house and get the book.

Now all you have to do is play the ocarina to be taken to Hyrule Town.

Hyrule Town

Go to the lady at the left-hand counter in the library to return the book. Sturgeon will grab the books and put them back in the shelves.

There is a new empty bottle you can get now that you have the power bracelets. If you go into Stockwell's shop you will see he has an empty bottle with him behind the counter, and it's accessible if you're Minish size. You have to shrink in Mama's cafe, push the shelf thing to the left, climb the ladder and go through the arch. Pass through the rafter area, talking to the Minish if you want, then exit right. Walk across the wooden plank to get to another rafter area, this time with enemies around. The chest contains 10 mysterious shells. Exit down the stairs at the upper right, into Stockwell's. He'll say something, then when you grow he says something more. Check on the empty bottle, and agree to feed Stockwell's dog Borken (you may have fused with the dog earlier).

Make your way back to Mama's cafe, grow, and go outside. Use the ocarina to warp to Lake Hylia, and go up to reach Stockwell's house. Stand next to Borken's food dish and press R to put the food into the bowl, and watch it eat happily. Now you have a new empty bottle.

Before moving on, there are a lot of Kinstone fusions out there, so first use the ocarina to get to the Minish Woods.

Minish Woods

Go into the Minish Village and fuse Kinstones with the Minish in the westernmost house. Now leave the forest (there may be a chest to the west of the Wind Crest, it contains a blue Kinstone piece). You end up in the Eastern Hills.

Eastern Hills

Either use the mushroom to get across the gap, or go one screen up and down the exit to the left to get to a shrinking portal and a Minish house. Fuse Kinstones with the Minish there. You can then go up the beanstalk for a piece of heart, 200 rupees (top), and 200 mysterious shells (left).

In the screen up from the beanstalk, exit right to the Minish Woods.

Minish Woods

To the east is a tree now open after a fusion, as well as a cave you can dig into with the mole mitts. First go into the tree.

Use your shield to stop the Business Scrub, who is selling Kinstone pieces. You can fuse TWICE with this scrub, so do it. Then go back out, and go up and into the mole mitts cave. The left-hand chest holds 50 rupees, the right a blue Kinstone piece. Now you can leave the forest and head back to the Eastern Hills.

Eastern Hills

Go into the field where the farmers are working, and dig into the cave. There is one real 20 rupee piece on the left, and the right one is a Like Like, so get rid of it. In the very top right corner is a symbol on the wall behind the dirt, so fuse Kinstones with it to make another Goron appear in the Goron cave.

Go back out, and now warp or walk to South Hyrule Field.

South Hyrule Field

Go to the southwest corner of the field and dash into the tree to make a shrinking portal. Use it to get into the Minish house, and fuse with the Minish there.

Now go west to the Western Wood.

Western Wood

Fuse Kinstones with the Minish in the southwest corner of the woods (don't go down to where Percy's house is). Once you fuse you can climb the beanstalk that grows for 320 rupees and a red Kinstone piece.

You're done here, so go north to Trilby Highlands.

Trilby Highlands

Head to the far north section of the Highlands across a bridge. There may be a chest here from an earlier fusion, it contains a red Kinstone piece. Go back down the bridge and left, across another bridge and north across yet another bridge. There's a mole mitts cave here, so dig in.

Dig to the left to find a chest containing a blue Kinstone piece. Then dig right and before going up the ladder, there's a chest here containing a blue Kinstone piece. Dig away the dirt against the wall to reveal another wall symbol. Fuse with it to make another Goron appear in the Goron Cave, which should be the fourth, breaking through that wall. This gives access to a chest in Goron Cave containing rupees. Back in the mole mitts cave, go up the ladder.

Out here, fuse with Knuckle (the guy in blue) to open a tree in North Hyrule Field. This should be the fourth. We'll be returning there shortly to get a new item. But first, shrink and go into the Minish house, and fuse with the Minish there.

Now you can use the ocarina to get to Hyrule Town. From there go north to North Hyrule Field.

North Hyrule Field

Go up to the four trees. In each one, there is a switch to press to turn on a torch. There is also a chest in each one, three contain red Kinstone pieces, the other (in the bottom right tree) contains 200 mysterious shells. Once you hit all four switches, a ladder appears in the center. Go outside and down the ladder, and in the big chest is the magical boomerang, which can change directions after being thrown. Just hold down the button you threw it with, and use the control pad to change its direction. Now go back outside.

If you head east and south you find a ledge, but DON'T drop down yet. First, break the rock that's above the ledge (you see a small vine below). This reveals a crack in the ground. Now you can drop down the ledge, and there is a tree you can dash into to reveal a shrinking portal. Shrink and climb up the vine to the crack you revealed, and fuse with the Minish here.

Now go north into the Hyrule Castle Garden.

Hyrule Castle Garden

The eastern hedge area here is unguarded. In the bottom right corner are a bunch of bushes, and if you cut them you find a ladder. Go down it and grab the piece of heart. You can't train with Grimblade until you come back with another item, so just leave for now.

A little north is a tree you can dash into to make another portal. Do it, and go to the top right corner where there's a crack. Go in and fuse Kinstones with the Minish.

You can also go down the stairs where the right-hand fountain was in the garden to reach a piece of heart.

You're done here, so warp to Mt. Crenel.

Mt. Crenel

If you missed any earlier fusions here (I hadn't been able to fuse with Melari) do them, and then drop down the ledge, down the ladders, and head west to the climbing wall. (If you missed the beanstalk up on the top, go up it now for 160 rupees and a piece of heart.) Go to where the Crenel Hermit is, and there's a mole mitts cave.

In the cave, if you take the left path you reach a piece of heart. At the very end of the right path, the final wall has a symbol on it with which you can fuse Kinstones, so do it. Then you can leave.

Warp to the Castor Wilds.

Castor Wilds

Walk down to the very bottom against the wall, then dash west across the swamp, and go down into the Wind Ruins.

Wind Ruins

Make your way in and you see a crack and a portal. Shrink and go into the crack, and fuse Kinstones with the Minish there. A beanstalk appears here in the ruins. Go back out and grow, and head for the beanstalk. On the way there, there may be a chest, in contains 200 mysterious shells. Up the beanstalk is a large quiver.

Now, one last fusion before moving on. Warp to South Hyrule Field.

South Hyrule Field

Get up on the eastern ledge with Tingle and fuse Kinstones with him. You couldn't do this fusion before you fused with all four of the Tingle-looking guys.

Now warp to Hyrule Town.

Hyrule Town

Go to the library and head upstairs, outside, shrink, and go back in and into the bookshelf where the Minish are. Talk to the first Minish, who gives you 50 rupees. Take the ladder to the left of that Minish and climb up and around to Librari's room. Fuse Kinstones with him. (If you don't fuse with him now and pass a certain checkpoint, you'll have to wait until much later to fuse with him). When you talk to him, he opens a trapdoor beneath you and you fall into a dungeon.

Push one of the bottom left blocks to the left, then the corner one down to get out. Continue south, defeat the Sluggulas, and use the gust jar to grab the mushroom and get launched to the other side. The path is straightforward, eventually you get trapped in a room with two monsters with blue mandibles. You can't hit them head-on, but they will click their mandibles then throw them out like boomerangs, leaving them vulnerable. Avoid getting hit and defeat them to make a chest appear containing the flippers!

Get in the water and swim all the way south to get dumped into the stream in Hyrule Town. You can just swim up to the bank to get out, then climb up the ladder at the library and grow back to normal size. Before moving on, you can go into the well and swim up to the chest, which contains 100 rupees. Taking the path above the chest leads you to an area where you can push a rock up into a hole. Do it. That's all you can do here, so leave the well the way you came in.

Now you will be able to complete the final stage of Anju's cucco game, because you'll need to swim across the stream and throw the cucco over it to win. There are more tips for that later in the walkthrough.

Your next destination is Lake Hylia. Use the ocarina to get there.

Lake Hylia

Follow the north path and stop at Stockwell's house. You can get in the little pond next to his house and press B to dive down at the center. You find a piece of heart.

When I got here, David Jr. (the guy who dresses like Tingle and his brothers but isn't related) had a Kinstone to fuse.

Get in the water. You'll see a piece of heart on a little island, and may notice a cave you can get into with the mole mitts. You can't get either of those yet since you can only get out of the water if there are shallows by the bank. So for now, swim southeast to reach the shrinking portal above Mayor Hagen's cabin. Swim north from there to a small vine up to a crack, in which is a Minish with whom you can fuse Kinstones. Get back outside and into the water (still small) and swim all the way northeast to an arch. Go through.

In this cave, get out of the water and go around to a chest containing a red Kinstone piece. Make your way back outside, then grow at the portal by Mayor Hagen's cabin. Get back in the water.

To west and south is a piece of heart, grab it. Above (north of the stairs to the left), there is a cave you can enter with the mole mitts, hiding a chest containing 50 rupees.

Southwest from here is a place you can get on land, leading to an area with an open tree. Inside is Waveblade's dojo, grab the piece of heart. Waveblade will teach you the Peril Beam technique if you have 10 or more hearts. When you're done, go north and west from here to a rock you can push into a hole for easier access to this area later.

Now swim north to get to the giant icy crack. Get onto it and press R to shrink and fall in to enter the Temple of Droplets.

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