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Phonograph Room and Sound Test

What is the phonograph sound test?

There is a house in Hyrule Castle Town that has a robot on top. If you have gone into the unlocked door of that house, you will see a phonograph, a piece of heart, and some chests that you can't reach. The only way to get to that side of the house is to go through the locked door, but how do you unlock it?

How to get into the sound test room

To unlock the locked door, you first need to collect all of Carlov's Figurines. Once you do, you are awarded the Carlov Medal.

When you have the Carlov Medal, go show it to the man who sits inside of Mama's Café (his name is Baris), and he will unlock the locked door of the robot house.

How to do the sound test

When you go in, check on the phonograph to start the sound test. It will only play songs that you have actually heard in the game.

When you check on the phonograph, say Yes to start the sound test. It will show you the controls: press up or down to change the song that's playing, press A to start or stop the current track, and press B to exit the sound test.

There are 52 total songs that you can hear. One track is not actually heard in the game, so it's kind of a bonus track. Below is a list of where each song is heard.

Sound Test Songs

  1. Intro screen
  2. Right after you go inside Hyrule castle
  3. Receiving an element
  4. Visiting a Great Fairy
  5. Game Over
  6. Link to the Past intro music (you don't hear this anywhere in this game)
  7. Encountering Vaati
  8. Meeting Ezlo
  9. Intro sequence of new game
  10. Beanstalk cloud
  11. House
  12. Playing a Minigame
  13. Syrup's Hut
  14. Cave
  15. Element is there for the taking
  16. Hyrule Field
  17. Exploring Hyrule Castle
  18. Minish Village
  19. Minish Woods
  20. Hyrule Town
  21. Fighting a Miniboss
  22. Fighting a dungeon boss
  23. Vaati Reborn
  24. Locked in with monsters
  25. Swiftblade Dojo
  26. Mt. Crenel
  27. Picori Festival
  28. Choosing a game file
  29. Link's first arrival at Hyrule Castle
  30. Ending Credits
  31. Zelda
  32. Peace returns
  33. Raining on Mt. Crenel
  34. Castor Wilds
  35. Royal Valley
  36. Cloud Tops
  37. Dark Hyrule Castle
  38. Cave to Hyrule Castle
  39. Deepwood Shrine
  40. Cave of Flames
  41. Fortress of Winds
  42. Temple of Droplets
  43. Palace of Winds
  44. Ezlo's memories
  45. Royal Crypt
  46. Elemental Sanctuary
  47. Vaati Transfigured
  48. Destruction of Dark Hyrule Castle
  49. Vaati's Wrath
  50. Mole Mitts Cave
  51. Zelda rescue
  52. Wind Ruins

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