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The Start of the Game

This is the year of the Picori Festival, where the Hylians celebrate their friendship with the tiny and mysterious Picori people.

Begin the Game

The action begins when Zelda visits Link's house to invite him to the Picori Festival. When Link wakes up, go into the room where Zelda and Smith are waiting. Smith gives you a sword that will be the swordfighting tournament reward and tells you to take it to the minister at the castle.

After Zelda leaves, open up the chest to get 20 rupees. You can pick up the pots with the R button, and they might give you rupees when you throw them. After that, go outside.

Go to the left and follow Zelda into town. Find Zelda around the town and talk to her when she stops at different places. Eventually she will go to a person who is doing a prize drawing. Zelda wins the drawing and chooses a shield, which she gives to you.

By default, the shield is equipped to the A button, but you can change that from the pause screen. Unlike some other Zelda games, the shield isn't automatically protecting you. You have to press A to raise the shield.

Now that you have the shield, go north with Zelda, and follow her until a Business Scrub spits at her. Stand in front of the scrub and raise your shield to bounce the nut back at it and make it go away.

Keep going north to reach the castle, then approach Minister Potho. Zelda will depart, and you and the Minister will prepare to watch the tournament award ceremony. During the ceremony, you (the player) introduced to Vaati for the first time.

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