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Items and Equipment

The following is a list of items and equipment in The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, with instructions on where to find each one, and information about how to use each one.


Smith's Sword

At almost the very beginning of the game, Smith gives you Smith's Sword, but you can't use it duntil after you go to the castle and watch the tournament awards ceremony.

Broken Picori Blade

The King gives you the Broken Picori Blade after the tournament awards ceremony. You can't use it, but you need it in order to restore the Picori Blade (obviously!)

White Sword

The Broken Picori Blade becomes known as the White Sword after you visit Melari in the northwest mountains. Getting the different Elements will increase the power of the White Sword and also change the color of its grip, crossguard, and pommel.

Four Sword

With all of the elements, the White Sword becomes the Four Sword.


Small Shield

When you take Zelda to the Picori Festival, she wins a Small Shield, which she gives to you. You can use the shield by pressing the button that the shield is equipped to. When you use it, it protects you from damage from the front, and you walk more slowly, facing the same direction, while you hold up the shield.

Gust Jar

Find the Gust Jar in the Deepwood Shrine after defeating Madderpillar. The Gust Jar, when you use it, sucks in the air in front of it. This can get rid of sand and it affects some types of enemies. When you stop pulling in air with the Gust Jar, it will blow out a small puff of air, which can be useful if you need to use wind to propel yourself.

Bomb Bag

After completing the Deepwood Shrine dungeon, a Picori in a house nearby will give you the Bomb Bag. This will let you carry and use bombs. Once you get it, you will be able to randomly find bombs when you cut grass, smash pots, and so on.


Spend 300 rupees in the Hyrule Town shop to buy a Boomerang. As with past Zelda games, the boomerang can be thrown to stun and injure enemies, and can bring distant objects to you.

Cane of Pacci

This item is found in the Cave of Flames. The Cane of Pacci can flip some items upside-down. This might not sound that great, but it's actually surprisingly useful.

Pegasus Boots

You get the Pegasus Boots from Rem, the shoemaker in Hyrule Town. But you first have to get a Wake-Up Mushroom before you can get them from him. As with past Zelda games, the Pegasus Boots allow you to dash at high speed. This will let you run over swamps without sinking, and can be helpful in other ways as well.

Bow and Arrow

The Bow and Arrow is found in Castor Wilds. It is used to shoot arrows, which lets you injure enemies and flip switches from a distance.

Mole Mitts

You can get the Mole Mitts in the Fortress of Winds. The Mole Mitts let you dig through soft walls. This can open up areas that were previously inaccessible.

Ocarina of Wind

When you finish the Fortress of Winds, you receive the Ocarina of Wind. You can use this if you have checked on the gravestone-looking things scattered around Hyrule, which explode after you read them, revealing Wind Crests. The Ocarina will let you warp to any of those crests.

Flame Lantern

In the Temple of Droplets, you will find the Flame Lantern. It lights up dark places and melts ice.

Roc's Cape

In the Palace of Winds, you will find the Roc's Cape. This item will let Link jump and temporarily hover. You can jump in a windy place to be propelled by the wind.

Empty Bottle

You can find four Empty Bottles in the game. They can hold different types of items.

Mirror Shield

You must fuse Kinstones with all of the Gorons in the Goron Cave to make Biggoron appear at the top of Veil Falls. Equip your shield and talk to Biggoron, and he'll ask you for your shield. Give it to him and he'll chew on it. Leave and come back a while later and he spits out your shield, which has transformed into the Mirror Shield.

Permanent Items

These items can't be used as equipment, but they are permanently equipped on Link after he finds them.

Jabber Nut

The Jabber Nut can be found in the barrel-shaped house in the Picori Village. It allows Link to understand the Picori Language and thus communicate with the Picori.

Grip Ring

You need the Grip Ring to complete the game, and the only way to get it is to buy it from a Business Scrub in Mt. Crenel.

Power Bracelets

If you talk to the Librarian at the Hyrule Town Library, she will tell you about some missing books. If you agree to help find them, you will get the Power Bracelets during that side quest.


You can get the Flippers after returning all of the missing library books to the Hyrule Town Library. Ask the Librarian for details!

Remote Bombs

After a Kinstone Fusion, you will be able to get Remote Bombs from the Minish who gave you the Bomb Bag. You can't use both remote bombs and regular bombs at the same time; instead, you have to go back to that Minish to switch the type of bomb that you use.

Lon Lon Ranch Key

The Lon Lon Ranch Key can be found after shrinking and entering the Lon Lon Ranch farm house. Once you grow to normal size inside, you can smash the pots in the corner to find the key. This will let you open the door after Malon locks himself out.

Wake-Up Mushroom

In the northeast corner of the Minish Woods, a witch named Syrup has a hut. You can get the Wake-Up Mushroom from Syrup for 60 rupees. It is required in order to get the Pegasus Boots.

Graveyard Key

On the way to the Royal Crypt, Dampé will give you the Graveyard Key. A crow will steal it from you, so you have to kill the crow to get it back. It will let you open the gate to the graveyard.

Tiger Scroll

There are eight Tiger Scrolls available in the game. You can get them by finding and training at the various dojos around Hyrule, all owned by Swiftblade and his relatives. Each Tiger Scroll is granted after you learn a special sword technique from the dojo owner.

Joy Butterfly

There are a few Joy Butterflies in certain parts of Hyrule. These butterflies will permanently improve one of Link's skills when found.

Mysterious Shells

You can find Mysterious Shells by cutting grass, defeating monsters, or even just by buying them in bulk from the shop. Mysterious Shells are required in order to get figurines from Carlov. You give Carlov a number of Mysterious Shells to get a chance to win a figurine. The more shells you give him, the better your chance of getting a new figurine that you don't already have in your collection.

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