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Pieces of Heart

This is a list of all heart containers and pieces of heart in The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. Link starts out with three hearts, then can add six from heart containers, and eleven more from 44 pieces of heart. That means that Link can have a maximum of 20 hearts.

Heart Containers

There are six heart containers to find in the game. Here is how you get them.
  1. Defeat the Deepwood Shrine boss.
  2. Defeat the Cavern of Flames boss.
  3. Defeat the Fortress of Winds boss.
  4. Defeat the Temple of Droplets boss.
  5. Defeat the Palace of Winds boss.
  6. After completing the Four Sword, go to Librari in the Minish Woods to get a Heart Container.

Pieces of Heart

  1. After the cutscene in the Minish Woods where Ezlo is getting attacked, go a little bit to the west to find a piece of heart.
  2. In the Minish Village, go east of Festari's abbey to the next screen.
  3. In Deepwood Shrine, use the south exit after beating Madderpillar.
  4. In Deepwood Shrine, use the blue warp tile.
  5. In South Hyrule Field, enter the tree opened by your first Kinstone Fusion.
  6. In Mt. Crenel's Base, enter a cave reached by bombing between two trees in the west area.
  7. On Mt. Crenel, enter a cave reached by bombing between two rocks to the right of a rock wall in the west area.
  8. In the Cave of Flames, go to the center area of B1 for the piece of heart.
  9. In Hyrule Town, in the back room of the inn, shrink in Romio's house and climb a vine to reach the back of the inn.
  10. In North Hyrule Field, climb down the ladder and stairs in the northwest area after bombing a rock in the path.
  11. At the base of Veil Falls, use the Cane of Pacci on a hole at the north end of Lon Lon Ranch.
  12. On Mt. Crenel, in Grayblade's dojo, climb the many rock walls on the east side of the area, then split into two to step on the two switches that give access to the dojo.
  13. Go to Lake Hylia via Lon Lon Ranch to enter the northwest area of the Minish Woods to access the heart piece there.
  14. Use the Pegasus boots to dash into the tree in Lon Lon Ranch, then use the Minish Portal to shrink down and enter the Minish Path nearby.
  15. Fuse with Melari and climb the beanstalk that appears in Mt. Crenel.
  16. In Castor Wilds, go to Swiftblade the First's dojo under the tombstone.
  17. In the Fortress of Winds, go to the bottom-right room of 1F.
  18. In the Western Wood, enter a tree that is opened by a kinstone fusion.
  19. In Hyrule Town, win Simon's Simulation Game.
  20. In the Eastern Hills, climb the beanstalk that grows after a fusion with a Minish there.
  21. Go to Grimblade's dojo in the bottom right corner of Hyrule Castle Garden.
  22. Go down the right-hand stairs in Hyrule Castle Garden, where there used to be a fountain before a kinstone fusion.
  23. Use the mole mits to enter the cave next to the Crenel Hermit's cave on Mt. Crenel.
  24. In Lake Hylia, dive into the pond next to Stockwell's House.
  25. Go west of Mayor Hagen's cabin in Lake Hylia to find a piece of heart.
  26. In Waveblade's dojo, west of Mayor Hagen's cabin in lake Hylia, is a piece of heart.
  27. In the Royal Valley, enter the top left grave in the graveyard to find a piece of heart.
  28. In South Hyrule Field, enter an arch in the water while Minish size (using the southwest portal to shrink) to find a piece of heart.
  29. In Veil Falls, there is a piece of heart near the entrance in the water.
  30. In Castor Wilds, enter an arch in the southeast water while Minish size (using the northwest portal to shrink).
  31. In the Wind Ruins, in a cave accessible at Minish size, shrink at the second portal and backtrack and go down the middle vine to reach a piece of heart.
  32. In the Palace of Winds, go to 4F and find a walkway under a grating for this piece of heart.
  33. After getting the Roc's Cape, use it to reach an island in Lake Hylia that has a piece of heart.
  34. Get to a cave on Lake Hylia with the Roc's Cape, and mole mitts your way in to get to a beanstalk, on top of which you'll find a piece of heart.
  35. After getting the Roc's Cape, go to Lake Hylia and use the Roc's Cape to reach a cave accessible with the Mole Mitts. It will take you to Lon Lon Ranch, where a piece of heart awaits.
  36. In Castor Wilds, go to the upper-right corner of this region, near the waterfall with Scarblade's Dojo. Push the rightmost blocks out of the way.
  37. In Veil Falls, go behind a waterfall to access a cave that hides a piece of heart.
  38. In Veil Falls, use the mole mitts to get into a cave that you can reach after fusing with a Minish east of Festari's abbey.
  39. In Hyrule Town, complete all the rounds of Anju's cucco game (which requires you to find three cuccos in 55 seconds).
  40. In Hyrule Town, enter the Minish Path in the schoolyard, which is reachable only after the Four Sword has been revived.
  41. In Hyrule Town, enter the cave where you found the Power Bracelets, then get on the end of the bridge and jump across to reach a piece of heart.
  42. In Hyrule Town, stand under the town bell, then jump and glide using the Roc's Cape to ring the bell and make a piece of heart fall out.
  43. In Minish Woods, find a piece of heart in the leftmost Minish Cave reached by swimming across the puddle after shrinking at the portal and going northwest.
  44. After getting the complete set of figurines, you can get the final piece of heart after showing the Carlov Medal to the guy sitting outside Mama's Cafe and going into the house with the robot on top that used to be locked.

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