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Carlov's Figurines

In Minish Cap, you can get figurines from Carlov in Hyrule Town. This page explains how to do it.

How to Get Figurines

After a certain point in the game, you get access to Carlov's hut in Hyrule Town. He makes figurines, and you can win new ones by playing a lottery. When you play, you're shown a percentage, which is the probability that you'll get a new figurine. In other words, if your probability is not 100%, you may get a figurine you already have. You increase your chances by using the mysterious shells you've collected during the game. For each mysterious shell, the probability goes up by one.

Early on, before you have a lot of figurines, your probability of getting a new one is very high. You always get a new one the first time. Later, however, the probability goes down. In general, it's best to give enough shells that your probability is around 80%. Once you have a lot of figurines, you'll have to have a huge number of shells to get a good probability. The shop in Hyrule Town sells mysterious shells if you don't have enough, but they're really expensive.

If you're desperate, here is the infinite money trick: to the left of Link's door, if you dig with the mole mitts, a 20 rupee piece comes up every time. Just go in and out of Link's house digging up rupees until your wallet is full.

You can only get figurines of characters/monsters you've already seen in the game. That means that if you spend a lot of time in Carlov's hut getting figurines, you might reach a point where you can't get any more new ones because Carlov hasn't made the new ones yet. It can be hard to know when this happens, but it may help to check the list.

Six Special Figurines

There are 136 total figurines you can win, but the last 6 can only be obtained after beating the game. BUT, if you collect the first 130 that are available prior to beating the final dungeon, Carlov will consider your collection complete, give you the Carlov Medal, and if you show it to the man sitting in Mama's Cafe he will unlock the door of the house with the robot on the roof, where you can access a piece of heart, 600 rupees, and an old-style phonograph that lets you use the game's sound test.

There are two drawbacks to winning the Carlov Medal before beating the game: the sound test won't be able to play some of the game's songs (final boss battles and ending credits, for example), and you won't be able to collect all 136 figurines in the game. However, the drawback to waiting until you beat the game to collect all 136 figurines is the fact that you will be short one piece of heart, and therefore won't have all 20 heart containers for the final dungeon and final battles. The final battles are tough, so you might want that last piece of heart so you have 20 full hearts, but I think it's more fun to wait until you beat the game before trying to get the rest of the figurines.

List of Figurines

001. Capless Link

002. Ezlo and Link

003. Princess Zelda - around Hyrule

004. Ezlo (Cap) - met in Minish Woods

005. Sorcerer Vaati - around Hyrule

006. King Daltus - Hyrule Castle

007. Minister Potho - Hyrule Castle

008. Smith - South Hyrule Field, Link's House

009. Mayor Hagen - Hyrule Town

010. Marcy - Hyrule Town in post office

011. Stamp - Hyrule Town in post office

012. Rem - Hyrule Town shoemaker

013. Dr. Left - Hyrule Town professor in western house

014. Carlov - Hyrule Town figurine maker

015. Borlov - Hyrule Town gambling game

016. Stockwell - Hyrule Town shopkeeper

017. Simon - Hyrule Town simulation game owner

018. Gorman - Hyrule Town

019. Anju - Hyrule Town southeast corner

020. Brocco - Hyrule Town square

021. Pina - Hyrule Town square

022. Beedle - Hyrule Town square

023. Postman - Hyrule Town

024. Crenel Hermit - Mt. Crenel

025. Monster Lady - Trilby Highlands

026. Damp - Graveyard

027. Gustaf, Royal Spirit - Lake Hylia, Royal Crypt

028. Syrup - Minish Woods

029. Great Butterfly Fairy - Minish Woods

030. Great Mayfly Fairy - Mt. Crenel

031. Great Dragonfly Fairy - Royal Valley

032. Percy - Trilby Highlands

033. Nayru - Hyrule Town

034. Farore - Hyrule Town

035. Din - Hyrule Town

036. Joy Butterfly - Castor Wilds, Wind Ruins, Graveyard

037. Gina - Graveyard

038. Festari - Minish Woods (in the abbey)

039. Gentari - Minish Woods (Elder)

040. Forest Picori - Minish Woods

041. Librari - Hyrule Town library

042. Town Picori - Hyrule Town

043. Melari - Melari's Mines

044. Mountain Picori - Mt. Crenel, Melari's Mines

045. Goron - Goron Cave

046. Minish Vaati - seen in cutscene when you enter Western Woods to look for Castor Wilds

047. Vassals - Hyrule Town, Hyrule Castle Garden, Hyrule Castle

048. Library - Hyrule Town

049. Blade Brothers - Hyrule Town, various areas of Hyrule

050. Wheaton & Pita - Hyrule Town

051. Funday School - Hyrule Town

052. Mama's Cafe - Hyrule Town

053. Happy Heart Inn - Hyrule Town

054. Zill and Friends - Hyrule Town

055. The Carpenters - Hyrule Town

056. Young Couple - Hyrule Town

057. Peaceful Hyrule 1 - Hyrule Town

058. Peaceful Hyrule 2 - Hyrule Town

059. Peaceful Hyrule 3 - Hyrule Town

060. Cucco! - Hyrule Town

061. At Lon Lon Ranch

062. The Wind Tribe - House in the clouds, Cloud Tops

063. Gregal & the Ghost - House in the clouds

064. Tingle Siblings? - South Hyrule Field, Lake Hylia, Trilby Highlands, Lon Lon Ranch

065. Eenie and Meenie - Eastern Hills

066. Goron Merchant - Hyrule Town (after a fusion)

067. Spookter & Spekter - Graveyard and Hyrule Town

068. Sluggula - various caves, dungeons

069. Scissors Beetle - Minish paths, dungeons

070. Moldworm - Minish paths, dungeons

071. Spiked Beetle - various dungeons

072. Eyegore Statue - Castor Wilds

073. Business Scrub - various caves

074. Armos - Wind Ruins

075. Keese - various caves, dungeons

076. Keaton - Trilby Highlands, etc

077. Ghini - Royal Valley, Royal Crypt

078. Gibdo - Royal Crypt, Palace of Winds, etc

079. Rollobite - various dungeons

080. Spark - various caves, dungeons

081. Dark Nut - various dungeons

082. Red Dark Nut - Dark Hyrule Castle, Palace of Winds

083. Chaser - Cave of Flames, various dungeons

084. Rock Chuchu - various

085. Moldorm - various caves, dungeons

086. Door Mimic - Royal Crypt, Dark Hyrule Castle

087. Peahat - various

088. Helmasaur - various caves, dungeons

089. Wall Master - various dungeons

090. Floor Master - various dungeons

091. Acro-Bandits - Lon Lon Ranch, Eastern Hills, etc

092. Bob-omb - Cave of Flames, other dungeons

093. Bombarossa - Palace of Winds, other dungeons

094. Like Like - various caves, dungeons

095. Rupee Like - various caves, dungeons

096. Rope - various

097. Boulder - Mt. Crenel

098. Ball & Chain Soldier - Palace of Winds, Dark Hyrule Castle

099. Spiny Beetle - various, hidden under rocks/bushes

100. Spear Moblin - various

101. Bow Moblin - various

102. Cloud Piranha - Cloud Tops

103. Mulldozer - various, often in Minish paths

104. Pesto - various

105. Puffstool - Deepwood Shrine

106. Wizzrobe - various dungeons

107. Fire Wizzrobe - various dungeons

108. Ice Wizzrobe - various dungeons

109. Wisp - various dungeons

110. Octorok - seen everywhere around Hyrule

111. Golden Octorok - appears after certain fusions

112. Golden Tektite - appears after certain fusions

113. Golden Rope - appears after certain fusions

114. Crow & Takkuri - various places (Trilby Highlands, Graveyard)

115. Lakitu - Cloud Tops and Palace of Winds

116. Stalfos - various dungeons

117. Beetle - various, usually under rocks/bushes

118. Chuchu - various

119. Tektite - Mt. Crenel, etc

120. Trap - various

121. Leever - Castor Wilds, Mt. Crenel, Veil Falls, etc

122. Madderpillar - miniboss in Deepwood Shrine and Temple of Droplets, etc

123. Spiny Chuchu - various, esp. Mt. Crenel

124. Octorok - Temple of Droplets boss

125. Gyorg Pair - Palace of Winds boss

126. Biggoron - found atop Veil Falls

127. Big Green Chuchu - Deepwood Shrine boss

128. Gleerok - Cave of Flames boss

129. Mazaal - Palace of Winds boss

130. Big Blue Chuchu - Temple of Droplets miniboss

131. Zelda & Link - Win this after beating the game

132. Minish Ezlo - Seen upon beating game

133. Black Knight - Dark Hyrule Castle

134. Vaati Reborn - First form of final boss

135. Vaati Transfigured - Precursor to final boss

136. Vaati's Wrath - Final boss of the game

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